Local band hosts single release party at Mojos

(Source: Kiera Rampton Photography) Fear Fiasco will celebrate the release of its new single, “Monster,” at Mojos Music Venue on Jan. 31 at 7 p.m.

Many local bands got their start performing at Ogden music venue Mojos, located at 2210 Washington Blvd. One such band, Fear Fiasco, first played live during a Mojos open-mic night, and will celebrate the release of their new single, “Monster,” tomorrow night at 7 p.m. The bands Good Grape, New Mistress and two other acoustic acts will share the stage with them.

Mojos has featured local bands and touring musicians in downtown Ogden for the past nine years. Owner Ron Atencio said he’s enjoyed taking part in the experience of bringing people together to both perform and listen to live music.

“Fear Fiasco and Good Grape are two up-and-coming new bands that are eager and very talented,” Atencio said. “Their fans have kind of overlapped, so I play them together as often as I can because they fit really well together. We’ve added in the New Mistress this time and a couple of acoustic singers. It makes for a really good night.”

Fear Fiasco plays at Mojos monthly, said singer and rhythm guitarist Chase McClure. “Mojos is kind of like our home venue, because we play there the most,” he said. “It’s got a nice atmosphere to it. All the crew there is really cool, the sound guy especially . . . all the people who work there have always been nice to us. The bands are always good. The other bands who play there are always really supportive and cool.”

Fear Fiasco has a difficult time describing their sound. After listing an array of rock genres including rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, pop, punk and alternative, the band jokingly said, “We sound like Will Smith.”

In their opinion, they just don’t sound like any other bands out there. “We kind of have our own little niche,” McClure said.

Good Grape also plays a variety of rock genre music, but said their sound is most inspired by classic rock. Lead guitarist and vocalist Ringo said that, although the band is new, they have had a great experience performing locally.

“Playing at Mojos is probably one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life,” Ringo said. “It’s a great place to escape. It’s really the only place that lets you say what you want to say and play music for all of the awesome fans. Mojos is really indescribable. It’s awesome, and I don’t think there will ever be anywhere else like it.”

Both Fear Fiasco and Good Grape said they play music to have a good time. “We do it because we love music,” Ringo said. “We just love to play music for people and so that people know what we think about everything that we put in our lyrics.”

Atencio said Mojos is all about music. “The venue is a safe place and a creative place to get away from all the stresses of life. Whatever it is — whether it’s school or work or whatever — they come here and just be free for the evening and then walk out and go back to life with a whole new attitude. I believe in music, I believe in art, and believe in friendships and bringing people together to heal, or to have a positive outlook on life, and that’s what we do. That’s our little part of the world.”

Mojos specializes in local young bands just starting out. “I always knew there was a lot of untapped talent in this town,” Atencio said. “But I never knew how much, or how long, or how deep that well was. It exploded right from Day 1, since we opened up for the public, and it hasn’t left yet. If anything, it is getting stronger.”

Mojos is an all-ages venue open Thursday through Saturday. Entry for the Fear Fiasco single release party is $6. Open Mic Night on Thursdays is $1, and anyone who enters to perform can play to a full house for 10 minutes.