Orientation: Raychel’s letter

Dearest WSU students,

Are you Wildcats or wild kittens? When I attended classes at Weber State University for the first time, I would say I was a wild kitten. I was scared, lost and alone. I was a little cub who needed to really “ask a Wildcat” when I had questions. I dropped out after one semester.

But I just couldn’t stay away from Weber State. After taking a short break, I returned and enrolled. I took more than enough credits and loved all of my classes. Now halfway into my degree, my love for Weber State is still as strong as it ever was.

My educational experience wouldn’t be the same without getting involved with student-run organizations like The Signpost. Being the source of campus news for nearly 26,000 students has made me a better-informed student and more aware of what I can do to make my community a better place.

This year, The Signpost is pushing for an online first effort. We want to be the first news organization that you as a student and community member go to for all news Weber State. We want input and feedback from you; we want you to help us be the best news source for Weber State and beyond. Send in news tips, write letters to our editors. We are here and we are listening and watching.

The time and effort I spend with The Signpost is not only for all of you who read our publication and visit our website and Facebook, but also for myself. I have gained real-world experience that will help me for the next chapter of my life outside of Weber State. I recommend getting involved with on-campus activities to all Wildcats.

I want everyone to have the same love for Weber State that I do. This is the first year I can actually say I am a proud Wildcat who bleeds purple. What about you? This school and the education you receive here truly are “worthy of your dreams.”


Raychel Johnson


The Signpost