Student Senate platforms

2-27-Meet-the-CandidatesEditor’s Note:  Candidates’ platforms and portraits were due to the Student Involvement and Leadership Office on Saturday morning. Candidates who turned their materials in after that point have been added to this post. Candidates who did not turn in a platform, portrait or either will not have the missing materials posted here. Contested positions will be listed first and alphabetically. Uncontested positions will then be listed alphabetically.


Contested positions:

Natalie Clark – athletics senator

Natalie Clark

My name is Natalie Clark, and I will be a senior for the upcoming school year of 2013-14. I am majoring in microbiology and minoring in physics. I plan on attending medical school when I graduate from Weber State. I have been a part of the Weber State University cross-country and track and field team for the past three years, so athletics has been a large part of my college life. It has helped me become more responsible, meet new people and reach new goals that I did not think I was capable of reaching.

Balancing between sports and academics can get very stressful. If elected, I would do my best to make sure all student athletes have the resources to stay balanced. I would also do my best to spread the word out when any sport has a home game or meet, because supporting our teams can bring all athletes and the student body closer, giving us more school pride. I have been proud to be part of Weber State athletics, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to represent athletics and the club sports of Weber State University.


Dominic Welch – athletics senator

No platform provided.









Hanna Brooks – College of Education senator

Hannah Brooks

My name is Hannah Brooks. I am an English teaching major and a proud Wildcat. The reason that I am running for senate is to have a chance to get involved and associate with my peers at Weber State. I feel like I could make a positive difference in the senate. Weber State has done so much for me and my family, and being on the senate would give me a chance to give back to the school that has given so much to me. I would be an asset to the senate because I am a hard worker. I always try to do my very best in everything that I do. I also have much experience in leadership. I know how to be professional and how to be a representative. I know that if I am elected to be part of the senate, I will do everything in my power to represent the students of Weber State University well. I will do what it takes to reach out to them and bridge the gap between the students and their school. I will make the necessary effort to reach out to the student body and make their voices heard. I know the importance of the senate and want to be included in its numbers. I love Weber State!


Deborah Reese – College of Education senator

Deborah Reese

I have been a student at Weber State for three years and have really enjoyed it. All three years have been in the College of Education. I am knowledgeable of all three departments in the College of Education and actively engaged in two of them. I am currently on the executive board for the Future Educators Association and the Child and Family Studies Student Association. I also serve as the Special Olympics chair on the VIP team for WSUSA. I have loved getting involved and want to encourage and inspire others to get involved as well. As a senator for this college, I will represent the ideas and needs of the students in the College of Education. I will ask the students for their ideas and concerns. I will represent those thoughts in senate deliberations and other committee meetings. I will work hard to make sure those activities and events by WSU Student Association will meet the needs of the students in the College of Education and the student body as a whole.


Brody Gibson – College of Science senator

Brody Gibson

Science is the future, and we are the future. My name is Brody Gibson, and I would like to represent the College of Science students through the Weber State University Student Senate. Weber State is known for having one of the best science departments in Utah, and I would like to see this reputation continue to grow in the coming years.

The role of the College of Science senator is to act as a liaison between the College of Science majors and Weber State University. If elected, I hope to improve the communication between the department’s majors and the rest of the campus. I feel as though we are sometimes secluded from the rest of the campus and unaware of what is taking place on campus, and I would like to change that. This includes informing students of available scholarships and providing them with information about leadership opportunities. I also would like to work closely with the different science clubs and organizations and find out what their goals are for the upcoming year.

I have been a part of the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) for the past two years. Through my experiences with WSUSA, I have received training on how to be a better leader and have gained a profound love for Weber State. With these experiences and an understanding of what the College of Science needs, I believe I can make next year a more enjoyable place for everyone. So let’s show Weber State what the College of Science has to offer and prove to everyone that WE ARE THE FUTURE.


Michael Shaw – College of Science senator

No platform or portrait submitted.


John Stanger – College of Science senator

John Stanger

Students of WSU College of Science, I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved with Weber these past years as the secretary and vice president of the pre-medical club, as well as the secretary of the zoology club. I wish to continue my involvement as your College of Science senator for the 2013-14 academic year. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many professors of our great college from every department, as well as many of you personally. I plan as this next year’s senator to serve you in the best capacity that I can in resolving any issues that may arise. As a student, I understand our needs very well, and I hope to continue along the path of excellence in moving Weber State College of Science forward. Although a new building isn’t likely to be erected in the current student body tenure, we shouldn’t relax our resolve to get a new science building for the many students that will follow us.

On Election Day, I hope that you will cast your ballot for me as your College of Science senator, and I look forward to speaking with many of you in the days to come.


Jacob Thompson – College of Social and Behavioral Sciences senator

Jacob Thompson

My purpose for running for student senate is simple. I feel a desire to serve in a position that would allow me to help enhance the university experience of my fellow students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Our building may be old, but our minds are sharp and our hearts full with a love of learning, striving to discover the best ways in which we may serve our fellow men. That’s the goal behind every discipline in the social sciences, each of which contributes enormously to our collective humanity.

Myself, I’m a junior at WSU, majoring in political science, hoping to go on to manage a nonprofit organization of one variety or another.  I’ve immensely enjoyed my time thus far at Weber State, loving each and every class I’ve taken across the many disciplines of the social sciences.

If you elect me to represent you in the student senate, I promise to do all in my power to make sure your voices and concerns are heard and addressed. I will work hard every day to make sure your experience as a Wildcat is unforgettable! Vote Jacob Thompson for student senator.


Viviana Felix — College of Social and Behavioral Sciences senator

Viviana Felix

Weber State Wildcats! My name is Viviana Felix, and I want to be your next College of Social and Behavioral Sciences senator. I’m a student majoring in sociology, but have taken several different courses in the college, from philosophy to political sciences to psychology and various others. I love the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and believe that the students have great potential to become great professionals after college. However, communication with the college and the Weber State University Student Association is missing. I plan to build a communication bridge by using the following qualities that I can provide as a leader.

Experience: I have been the Hispanic senator for a year and a half and was part of the Diversity Board in 2010. Also, I was an officer for the Hispanic Area Council. I know how to work in a group and obtain positive outcomes.

Advocate: As Hispanic senator, I have expressed and researched the various struggles that the students face while in college.

Learner: I am open to new experiences and willing to learn from others. I want to hear what others have to say before I give an opinion or make a decision.

Responsibility: When I commit to an obligation, I make sure to carry through with the job. I do not like to let people down, but know when I am capable of completing something. I do not like to make promises in vain.

I want to provide the students with the best college experience they’ve had, but I can only do it with YOUR HELP.


Tyler Hall — Davis campus senator

Tyler Hall

Let’s get back to the business of learning. In a perfect world wouldn’t it be nice to only have to stress and worry about what we are going to learn instead of the mountain of administrative hoops to jump through. For an average of $3,000 a semester you would think as students we would receive better customer service from WSU. Let’s return to the business of learning and graduating.





Josh Mullins – Davis campus senator

Josh Mullins

My name is Joshua “Davis” Mullins, and I am seeking re-election for Davis campus senator. I have a proud history of serving the Davis campus community. I served as a committee member on the Davis Student Council for two years; I was the director of marketing for one year, and am currently serving as the Davis campus senator. I have also served as a First Year Experience peer mentor for the past two years out at the Davis campus. I also work in the Davis and Roy campus computer labs. I am wanting to continue serving the students of the Davis campus and satellite campuses as their senator.

During my service at the Davis campus, I have been working on building a bigger and stronger relationship between the Ogden and Davis campuses. With the growth of the Davis campus, there will be more opportunities to strengthen this relationship. One way that I have been doing this is representing the Davis campus in a positive light in everything I do. The more the Davis campus and Ogden campus network and work together, the stronger this relationship will become. Additionally, I have partnered with the COAST (College of Applied Science and Technology) and residence hall senators to create a UTA route between the Ogden and Davis campuses to cut commuting time between the two campuses down. I have also been working towards getting child care for parents who attend the Davis campus.

I have had a year on the senate, and I have learned so much. But there is more to be learned, and more to do. I have a job to finish, and I know the heartbeat of the Davis campus. I have worked hard for you this past year, and I will continue to work hard. Through my experience and my knowledge, I know that WE can take the Davis campus to the next level, because together, we make Weber State a better place.

For more information, go to


Meagan Johnson – students with disabilities senator

Meagan Johnson

Hi, my name is Meagan Johnson. I am a junior at WSU majoring in business/multimedia. I am running for the students with disabilities senate position and would appreciate your vote! Weber State is a great university, and I want to be selected for this position so I can share my ideas and make sure Weber State University continues to grow and is seen as the UNIVERSITY EVERYONE WANTS TO GO TO. I welcome all of your suggestions and will make sure your voice is heard. I want to improve WSU and enhance the experiences of students. If I am chosen to take office, I promise to attend all of the meetings and give all it takes to make WSU a better place. Elect Meagan Johnson and let me work to enhance the quality and scope of education at the university both inside and outside the classroom and promote student involvement. I would appreciate your vote!


Melissa Reese — students with disabilities senator

Melissa Reese

My name is Melissa Reese, and I am running for senate committee member for students with disabilities. I have gone most of my life with disabilities, but was always taught not to let your disability define you. You can do anything you want as long as you have the desire and want to do it. There have been times in my life that I let my disability hold me back from goals that I could accomplish.

Being a student with a disability, I feel sometimes we tend to shy away from activities or opportunities because we feel we cannot do it, because our disability may hold us back. My goal, if elected, is to make sure all students with disabilities feel that they can have the same opportunities as the rest of the students at Weber State. I have a goal to keep all student informed through social networking. If the Students with Disabilities Office doesn’t have a Facebook page, I will get one started for them. I want all students to be informed what is going on at Weber State and be able to feel like they can go to the events provided to them.

Although my disability is not visible, I have tended to shy away from opportunities that Weber State has offered because I felt that I always had to try harder than the rest of my peers. Sometimes I feel that my peers may not have accepted me because of my disability. I want to help these students overcome either their shyness or fears in a way that I never did when I was younger.

I hope to make them feel they are no different than the rest of their peers at Weber State and can succeed in as many ways as possible. They can get the help they need through the disability office and me as their advocate as a senator at Weber State.


Ashlee Cawley — honors/BIS senator

Ashlee Cawley

I am an honors student who is passionate about service and passionate about Weber State’s honors and Bachelor of Integrated Studies programs! I have experience in student leadership and working with the Honors Area Council. If elected, I promise to do the following:

1. Stay connected with my constituents.

If you have any suggestions, complaints and/or observations about what’s happening on campus, in the honors or BIS programs, or anything related to Weber State, I’m always willing to lend an ear! I pledge to do all in my power to make sure your views are accurately represented in the senate.

2. Strengthen the honors/BIS community.

We honors and BIS students have a unique community, which I am proud to be a part of! With that said, I intend to strengthen our ties as a community. I plan to actively improve communication between the honors and BIS Departments and students, so that we can be more aware of events, activities and opportunities which can help us in our academic careers. In addition to this, it’s very important to me to make sure that we (the students) have a big say in the activities planned for us! I also pledge to be on the lookout for opportunities for honors and BIS students. From scholarships to internship possibilities, to service activities and area council meetings, I promise to do my best to keep honors and BIS students informed of potential opportunities!

3. Work with other departments to provide better opportunities for honors/BIS students.

I believe the best outcomes come from cooperation. If I am elected, I will partner with other departments to provide better activities and initiatives for honors and BIS students.

I hope to serve as your honors/BIS senator! Vote Ashlee Cawley as your honors/BIS senator!


Joseph Favero — honors/BIS senator

Joe Favero

Hello, Weber State students! THANK YOU for taking the time to sit down and vote today!

I am running to be the WSU student senator over honors/BIS for a number of reasons, but to save your precious time, I will list just three reasons.

First, experience. I have a lot of experience in student government/leadership positions. After serving as the senior class president at my high school, I found that I really enjoy being involved as the middleman between the faculty and students. Having had this experience in the past, and even currently with different clubs and organizations around campus, will allow me to more effectively bring any ideas that we have as students within the honors/BIS programs to the attention and implementation of our “superiors.”

Second, diversity. Even more important than having worked with larger groups such as an entire student government, I have had the privilege to work with a diverse number of smaller groups. In high school, I also served as a debate team and German club president. Now, at WSU, I am involved in the leadership of the Italian club, as well as being a vice president over community service for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS). This is critical in the position of being an honors/BIS senator because we are likewise a bit smaller of groups around campus.

Third, fun. I will truly enjoy serving in this capacity. It isn’t a stressful thing to me, but something that I like doing. This is important because if I’m having fun, I will be able to better articulate and plan for each of you to have the most fun possible as well.

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! Remember: Experience. Diversity. Fun.

Vote Joseph (Joe) Favero!


Sandi Weber — nontraditional students senator

Sandi Weber

My name is Sandi K. Weber, and I am running for Weber State nontraditional student senator. I am a junior majoring in business, as well as a 31-year-old single mother of two. As the current community chair on the WSUSA Diversity Board, I have had the opportunity to develop new leadership skills and am working diligently to contribute to the lives of others. I love Weber State University and the student body I serve.

Nontraditional students make up 57 percent of the Weber State University student body and need active, involved, reliable representation. As their voice, I will build a relationship with my constituents by continuing to be involved on a regular basis in the Nontraditional Student Center. Facilitating monthly area council meetings will provide the opportunity for me to address the needs of my constituents by increasing awareness of the wide variety of programs available to assist students in becoming successful. I hope to inspire my constituency to become involved on campus in areas which are meaningful to them.


Brian Bankhead — nontraditional students senator

Brian Bankhead

I am running for nontraditional student senator to improve awareness of who is a nontraditional student, and the involvement in our wonderful programs and services. Weber State already has a great program, and I want to keep that program as great, with a few improvements here and there. My main goal is education, educating those who may not know they are nontrad about what is offered to them. I am from Ogden, but I’ve lived in three other states in the last few years.

As a 27-year-old senator, I strike a great balance in our university and amongst the WSUSA leadership. I am old enough to know what it’s like to be nontraditional — going back to school, not quite fitting the mold and having most activities geared for someone else. I also am young enough to relate to the other WSUSA leaders, making me not the old guy, but someone to listen to. I also know many of the VPs personally, so relating will not be a problem. Our voice will be heard.

Thanks for reading my platform. I know the improvements I make will be marked and appreciated.


Vince Bradshaw — traditional students senator

Vince Bradshaw

Weber State needs a spark. I want to bring new life into our Weber State campus. This campus has the potential to be fun for everyone who attends. College should be about gaining an education and enjoying being around thousands of singles and always having the opportunity to meet new people and to enjoy a college campus social life. Many students have this desire, but don’t know where to find all the activities and how to enjoy all that WSU already does offer. My goal is to help students gain a valuable education and to enjoy their time doing it. We’re at college to gain an education, to help us in our future careers, and to enjoy this time of life that only comes around once! I have the skills and abilities to help this goal become a reality. I can relate to everyone’s desire to socialize and to make something of themselves through their education. Weber State, let’s make it happen. If elected, I’ll give my heart and soul to the traditional student body and help everyone enjoy the time they spend here. I want every student to be involved and to feel like a valuable and important student to our university. As mentioned before, I want to bring new life into our Weber State campus. Elect me as traditional senator and this goal will become a reality. Be a hero — vote Vince.


Sam Howe — traditional students senator

Sam Howe

I have a burning desire to represent the students at Weber State as the traditional student senator. I am among students every day in my classes or working on campus, and I know what issues they face. I talk with them every day about Weber and their successes and problems with school, clubs or work. I have a great aptitude for creating various solutions to problems, and I adapt quickly to whatever situations I am placed in. Not only do I understand what students are going through, I talk to and inform students of upcoming policy changes and events/activities that are relevant to them. I will also seek their input on college improvements and initiatives to take before the senate. I will represent all the traditional students equally and fairly because I have deep relationships with various and diverse people and I am not afraid to make new friendships.

I already have exceptional experience in the Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) as a LEAD trainer on the leadership team, and I know how to work hard and get things done. I’ve worked on large leadership conferences, such as Project LEAD, but also on smaller, personal trainings with students through Strengths Quest.

I know I will be an excellent representative for traditional students because I am concerned with the overall college experience each student receives. College is what you make of it, and although I have already made my college experience a fantastic one, I want to do the same for the traditional students of WSU by helping them have a voice and promoting the changes they want to happen with their school. I understand what it means to be a senator, and I am committed to execute my responsibilities until the last minute in my office. Put me in office and I will work for you and improve our great, great, great Weber State!


Kyle Poppitz — veterans senator

Let this be your final battlefield.

No picture provided.

Josh Hunt — veterans senator

Josh Hunt

As a candidate for the veteran senator position, I bring a great deal of experience to the table both in the military and academic worlds. I spent six years serving in the Air Force in CBRN, and have now been in the Army a year and a half as a cadet in the Utah National Guard and WSU Army ROTC. On the academic side, I have been both the assistant director and vice president of diversity and have executed both of these positions with highly visible success. I’m committed to service and know how to work hard. With me as your senator, you’ll get a representative with the proven leadership experience and background here at WSU to accomplish great things and make veterans a top priority of the university. I’d like to be your voice — feel free to call or text me with your questions and comments at 801-675-0708 or e-mail me at [email protected] I look forward to serving you!


Uncontested positions:

Jeff Henry – African-American students senator

Jeff Henry

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Henry. My major is in health administrative services with an emphasis on long-term care and a minor in women’s studies. I’m running for the position of African-American senator on campus and would like to describe with a quote from Julia T. Wood as to what my mission and goals are as a student, parent and current senator attending Weber State University. I believe in an “active commitment to equality and respect for all forms of people and life. I am against oppression of any form, be it women, men, people with disabilities, people with specific sexual identities and particularly people race-ethnicities or religions, the elderly, along with all children.”

Our campus is and should remain a safe place for all that promotes higher education, social integration that foster positive principles and action throughout our local comminutes and state. Being great is one level, but doing great things is action — that’s constantly raising the bar of standards that will continue to mark who we are at Weber State. This year, 21 senators, including myself, worked to achieve the needs and request of our student body. To be the voice that represents the needs of the Weber African-American student body, with whom I’m a part of, and as a senator, work for has been and always will be a great honor and responsibility.

Assisting to the needs of any and all Weber State University students is a challenge that for the past two years has been interesting, rewarding and personally motivating. I have experience, learn and help others use change as a positive tool. The maze of aiming to complete your higher education is one we all must navigate. A skill that’s necessary as a student senate is to listen, hear and understand needs of your constituency in working towards common goals that will improve the student body, academics and campus environment of Weber State University.


India Nielsen — College of Arts and Humanities senator


My name is India Nielsen, and I am running to be the senator for the College of Arts and Humanities. I love Weber State and student government is my passion. Weber has given me the chance to pursue that passion, and I want to give back to Weber. I am running to be the student senator for the College of Arts and Humanities because I genuinely enjoy making an impact and helping people. I would love to advocate for students in my college, be the voice for their concerns, and represent them within the university’s governance structure. My leadership experience and major are well suited for this position. I have held leadership positions in WSUSA since my freshman year, and I am earning my communication degree in civic advocacy. I am running to be the student senator for the College of Arts and Humanities because I love Weber, I love Wildcats, and I love making a difference! From a little cat, to a Wildcat, to an advocate … India will serve you!


Nick Phinney — Asian students senator


I, Nick Phinney, am pleased to announce my candidacy for Asian senator. My Asian culture comes from my father, who is native from the Philippines. I have always enjoyed being able to enhance and gratify my culture. As your senator, I will be able to be your voice among Weber State University. I am highly qualified to fulfill this position. My previous experience was VP of the Multiculture Committee at Utah Valley University and now serving as the Student Life and Interest Club chair. A great leader is one who serves his people. I would appreciate your support to elect me as your senator. I promise to serve you with my acquired skills and strengths.


Carlie Hawkes – College of Applied Science and Technology


Carlie is running for the Student Senate position for the College of Applied Science and Technology (COAST). Next year she will be completing her senior here at WSU with her major in Technical Sales and minor in Fashion Merchandising. This last year she served as the President of the Collegiate DECA chapter here on campus. Carlie has grown to love Weber and especially the college that she is studying in. If elected, Carlie plans on closing the gap of communication between the faculty and the students. She wants to ensure that the students’ concerns are being heard and addressed. Since Carlie has been so involved this year on campus, she has grown close with lots of the students in COAST as well as members of the faculty and administration. Great benefits would come from these relationships already being established. Carlie can ensure that your needs will be heard.




Trevor Shepherd — College of Business and Economics senator


Hello, fellow Wildcats! My name is Trevor Shepherd, and I am running for the business and economics senator. The reason I’m running is because I love Weber State, and I love the Goddard School of Business and Economics. I only want the best for both of them! Weber State has given me many opportunities to get involved and make the best of my college experience. I’m having a great time at Weber, and I would really like to help others enjoy their college experience as much as I have.

There are a couple things I would like to address first, if elected. For starters, I would like to make the senator position more known. Awareness of who to go to for help is crucial. Second, we have some really great clubs within our college, and I feel like they could be even better. I’d like to increase club involvement within the business school, as well as with WSUSA. It seems like at events such as the Block Party, you don’t see many of our clubs. We have 11 clubs; I’d like to see them spreading awareness and pushing for more members. As for more involvement within the college itself, I’d just like to see more activities and events happening for each club.

Last but not least, I’d like to say a little about why I think I am qualified for this position.

· I currently have a 3.86 GPA. I hold high academic standards for myself, and will also hold high standards for this position.

· I currently hold two positions within the university: admissions ambassador and FYE peer mentor, both of which require me to plan, organize, lead and sometimes mediate.

· I communicate with a diverse population of students daily, and use customer service skills daily as well.

Any questions, please feel free to come talk to me. I’m an approachable guy. You can also e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you for your time.


Kelsey Johnson – College of Health Professions


I am thrilled for the opportunity I have to run for the Health Professions Senator. I have worked as a Medical Assistant at IHC for three years and love every aspect of health care – I care about health care!  The experience I have gained has taught me to analyze a given situation and apply critical thinking skills in problem solving.  My experience has also molded me into a strong leader who understands the importance of a collaborative team effort.  As your representative I am ready and willing to meet the challenges we face, as students, and work as a team in putting forward your ideas to better improve your experience and education at Weber State University.

In February 2013, I was appointed to serve as the Health Professions Senator and I haven’t looked back since. I have accepted this leadership position and I am ready to press forward moving a positive agenda for the students of WSU!  I am currently working to provide a quiet study area in the Marriott Allied Health building for students.  I am also working on extending the testing hours into Saturdays.  If re-elected I am positive we, the health care students, can accomplish these goals together.  The most important service project I have had the opportunity to be a part of is called Relay for Life.  This project involves a relay walk that focuses on cancer awareness and raising money to help those with cancer. Please join our team!

STUDENTS are the most important asset of Weber State University and you are the ones who make this educational endeavor a meaningful experience!  As your current and hopefully future Senator, I have learned what it takes to be a leader and a representative of the student body.  I am committed to helping each of us in fulfilling our dreams and desires, and making our experience at Weber State – Great, Great, Great.

Andrea Salcedo — Hispanic students senator


My name is Andrea Salcedo. I am a sophomore pursuing an elementary education major. I hope to represent you as the 2013-14 Hispanic senator. The Hispanic Area Council gave me a home at Weber State. I had originally planned to simply go to class, go home, and that’s it. That idea changed by becoming a part of the Hispanic Area Council. I became an active member in meetings and activities such as the Viva Frida Exhibition, Dia de los Muertos cemetery cleanup, and in Casa Sola (Mexican Revolution Exhibit). It gave me such a great opportunity to become involved and get to know some great people. I have served as the scholar officer and the secretary for the Hispanic Area Council. I have been able to be witness Viviana Felix, the current Hispanic senator, and my older sister Julia Salcedo, cultural chair of WSUSA, be great leaders for Hispanic students, as well as be mentored by them. I want to continue the tradition of being an active leader by becoming the new Hispanic senator. I want to continue to give Hispanic students a home at Weber State in the area council and on campus. With over 1,800 Hispanic/Latino students in Weber State, we have a voice, and I would like to be the one who helps that voice be heard in the university. I will continue to inform the Hispanic students of the issues that impact their education. As the new Hispanic senator, I have a goal to reach out to the young Hispanic students. I want to go out into local high schools and junior highs and promote higher education for Latino students. Not only do I want to help Hispanic students get into universities, I want to help those already enrolled to continue their education and get their degrees. I am going to put in hard work to be successful in my goals. Vote for me and I will do my best to be a strong representative for the Hispanic/Latino students.


Chanuk Jeong — international students senator


My name is Chanuk Jeong. I am originally from South Korea, and I am studying in international economics. I arrived here Weber State University on Dec. 24, 2012. As a usual Asian student, I just did my studies and worked for my own career. And finally I have realized that I can get more involved in school to give back to the international student at Weber.

When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to run for international student senate for the 2013-14 academic year. I would like to represent and voice the interests of international students at Weber and work with the school on projects and activities beneficial to international students. As an international student from South Korea, I also understand the needs and challenges international students at Weber and will try my best to accommodate these needs.

I believe that with my experience as squad leader of military in South Korea, I have the leadership skills needed for the position. I worked for the Center for Support Family, which helps poor families and disabled children as a nonprofit organization in New York City, and have been working in the Salt Lake City mayor’s office. I know how to deal with problems and how to fix them. I know how to care for people and how to help people. I know how to react with rules and laws.

Here are some changes I would like to make:

▪ Give students a voice.

I will ensure students always have a voice in deciding information and any policy at Weber.

▪ Openness.

I will advocate to use technology to make policymaking more open and transparent, making it easier for students to find out what officials are doing.

▪ Improve communication.

I will keep making connections between international students and student representatives.

▪ Establish scholarship for international students.

I will try to get scholarship for international students.

I am not afraid to stand up for what’s right. I will fight to make international students of Weber world leaders. If elected, I will work to the best of my ability to make the international student community at Weber a more diverse and united family. Your concerns about the school will be my concerns, and I will make sure that they are addressed by the administration.


Kami May — residence halls senator


I would like to be senator for housing because I feel that I can make the residence halls more like residence homes. I have worked with the Residence Hall Association, and I feel that I know what people like about the housing on campus and what people wish would change. This knowledge would help me work towards making a better environment for everyone who lives in the residence halls. If I were senator, I would make an atmosphere of trust and inclusion. I would be the kind of senator who takes time to listen to everyone and hear their ideas and concerns, because this is where they are living and they deserve to have it be a place where they feel safe and happy. I feel that the job of the senator for housing is to help everyone feel heard and important. Anyone who had something they wished to change would be able to bring up the idea to me, and I would do everything in my power to help them fulfill their idea. I want to be the senator for housing because I want to help people and make a difference during my time here at Weber State.