KWCR hosts local bands at Mojos

In a green-and-red kilt, Trenton McKean of the band Son of Ian rocked out at Mojos Cafe and Gallery on Washington and 22nd Street on Friday night. The event was

(Photo by:
(Photo by: Rachel Posadas) Sons of Ian performs at Mojos Cafe and Gallery for the KWCR 88.1 Weber FM’s free concert series.

part of KWCR 88.1 Weber FM’s free concert series for local bands to promote their music. No Sleep and Sons of Ian played lived while neon flashes, a darkly lit room and paintings of abstract works set the mood for the Ogden jam fest.

Son of Ian is an eclectic rock band from Salt Lake City with five members: Dave “The Bishop” Oster on saxophone, Patrick Neville on lead guitar, Evan Powell on drums, Carl Ross on bass and McKean on vocals and guitar.

“It’s hard to pigeonhole us in a specific genre,” Oster said, “because I feel the band itself has such a wide range of experienced musicians and a number of different genres. There are elements of rock, jazz, funk, blues, some country, and all of that kind of goes into the song that we are actually be putting together.”

The name McKean means “Son of Ian” in Scottish, hence the band name.

“I was signed by a label with my solo project, Trenton McKean and the Many Shades,” McKean said. “Some things went awry, so I got out of that deal. We started this new project, and Son of Ian just came to life. . . . If you start thinking like a rock star and putting yourself out there, things happen.”

McKean is a Weber State University student studying communications with an emphasis in advertising.

On April 6, the band will have a shooting for its music video, “Bitter World.” Those interested in being extras in the video can contact Son of Ian on Facebook.

Jazmine McKee, promotions director for Weber FM, helped coordinate the event.

“We just want to get people involved in the music scene, and how better (to do that) than a free concert?” McKee said. “A lot of people volunteer their time, and we are just trying, you know, (to) get the word out that Weber State has a radio station.”

According to, Weber FM is a student-run radio station that has specialty shows, which include many genres of music, talk radio and podcasts. Most of the students working for the radio station are enrolled in COMM 2730, the radio broadcasting class.

“It is a really good opportunity for students at Weber State,” McKee said. “It gets you over your fears and helps with social anxiety.”

Roosters, Club 366 and Grounds for Coffee sponsored the concert, allowing the event to be free.

“The kids just want to give something back to the community and offer some music,” said Ron Atencio, owner of Mojos. “I think it is great to offer music to the community. That’s what we do every weekend, so it’s nice have it tie in with a local radio station and collaborate with what they have to offer with what we have to offer.”

Atencio came up with the name “Mojos” while listening to the CD “Best of the Doors.” Atencio said that when he heard the line “It’s a mojo’s rising” in the song “L.A. Women,” he just knew it had to be the name of his cafe and gallery.

“I’ve always hung out in places that were very unique and kind of nice little hangouts, and just kind of kick back and have a coffee, what have you,” Atencio said. “I just always had this idea to do it here in Ogden. It was a big need for music for all ages. Nine years ago, there was nowhere for kids and bands to play, because it was all bars. Once I opened the doors, it exploded, and it was busy ever since.”

Mojos offers open-microphone nights and live bands every Thursday and Saturday.

“We have the venue, they have the radio station, so if we work together, we can have more events like this,” Atencio said.

Jim Elder, a business administration student at WSU, is an avid customer of Mojos.

“I come for their open mics on Thursdays,” he said. “Great vibe. Feels like home, you know? . . . It’s one of the few places where you can legitimately listen to some soulful music in Ogden.”