Do you know your news? Feb. 22

Alexandrea Bonilla

1. Why are truck drivers and far-right political groups protesting in Ottawa, Canada, and blocking the Ambassador Bridge that links Ontario to Detroit, Michigan?

a. They are protesting the 2020 election

b. They are protesting borders between countries

c. They are protesting vaccine mandates

d. They are protesting NATO

Protesters are lining up throughout Canada and the US border.
Protesters lined up in Ottawa and along the Canada-U.S. border.

2. Amid the fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, investors in stock panicked, resulting in the worst day of the year for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. How many points did it fall?

a. 622

b. 874

c. 237

d. 674

3. Utah’s low snowpack has scientists and water officials worried about the water supply for the state this year. Snowpack is the layer of snow that accumulates in higher elevations where they melt throughout the year. It creates what percent of Utah’s water supply?

a. 100%

b. 92%

c. 85%

d. 95%

4. In 2019, the Utah legislature’s “clean slate” bill went into effect this month. What does this bill do for Utah citizens’ criminal records?

a. Expunges low-level, nonviolent crimes

b. Expunges nonviolent crimes

c. Expunges violent crimes that are 10 years old or older

d. Expunges drug offenses that are 10 years old or older

5. The Big Bend Bouldering Area is a popular climbing area in southeast Utah and was recently the target of vandalism. What was done to the area?

a. Graffiti spray painted on rocks

b. Broken glass in hand-holds

c. Mechanical grease in hand-holds

d. Graffiti images done with emulsion paint

The snowpack in Utah is less than average this year.
The snowpack in Utah is much lower than it has been in previous years, concerning environmentalists.


1. The answer is C, They are protesting vaccine mandates. According to The New York Times, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared a national public order emergency to end the protests. What began as a protest against a vaccine requirement to travel from the U.S. to Canada has turned into a right-wing protest against pandemic procedures and Trudeau himself.

2. The answer is A, 622 points. According to CNN Business, stocks dropped dramatically as soon as the opening bell rang. CNN reports that investors are anxious about what a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine could do for the global economy if the United States gets involved.

The dow dramatically drops.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average dramatically dropped due to the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict.

3. The answer is D, 95%. According to The Standard Examiner, above-average snowstorms are now needed to get the snowpack back on track. Utah’s reservoirs are suffering with below-average capacities. Utah water officials are asking citizens to be conscious of their water use going forward.

4. The answer is A, Low-level and nonviolent crimes. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, nearly 500,000 people have had their records expunged already. This law affects people convicted of class A misdemeanor drug offenses, most class B and C misdemeanor offenses, and all infractions. Those convicted of felonies, domestic violence, sexual assault or DUI charges do not qualify.

5. The answer is C, Mechanical grease in hand holds. According to KSL, the Bureau of Land Management is investigating the greased-up hand-holds found by climbers. They are unsure of any long-term effects that the mechanical grease may have on the rocks, but as of right now, they are advising climbers to avoid the area.