Police Blotter 9/14

Joshua Kamp

Photo credit: Pixabay

Slow moving prisoner

WSUPD dispatched an officer to Wildcat Village on Sept. 10 at 11:54 a.m. regarding a turtle. The officer spoke with parking services and housing staff before taking the turtle into custody. The turtle was taken via the prisoner transport section of the police vehicle and released near the duck pond without incident. The turtle has not been charged with a crime.

Late night drinking

Officers responded to an alcohol offense at University Village on Sept. 7, just past midnight. WSUPD met with an RA and student at Wildcat Village Hall 1. The alcohol was disposed of, and the student was given a warning and a report was completed.

An alarming discovery

WSUPD responded to a hold-up alarm at an undisclosed location on Sept. 7 at 3:07 p.m. Officers found that the alarm button had fallen off of the underside of a desk. The button was then secured to the desk.

Underage hot rods

A WSU officer responded to a call regarding several teenagers on a golf cart driving recklessly near the area of the Dee Events Center on Sept. 6 around 4 p.m. The teens started in the Events Center lot and were found east near Taylor Avenue. The officer informed the group that, because none of them had a driver’s license, driving the cart in the street was illegal. The officer told the group to take the cart home and leave it there. No further action was taken.

Late night encounters

Officers responded to a call at Stewart Wasatch Hall on Sept. 3 around 11:45 p.m. The complainant was walking to her apartment that night an hour prior to the call, when she noticed a male following her and described him as 5’10,” having brown skin and thin with a blue plaid shirt. She was advised about on-campus safety escorts and asked if she needed further help. The male was not found when officers patrolled.

Urinating at University

On Sept. 3, an officer approached an individual who was reportedly urinating on a wall near University Village. The person was asked to leave, and soon left via Lyft.

Follow up

Officers went on extra patrol on Sept. 1 in response to a suspicious circumstance report of a man who was seen naked the week before near WSU Ogden campus. The officer spoke with a witness and got a further description of the suspect and the specific circumstance.

Minor fender bender

On Aug. 27, WSUPD received a report of a hit and run that damaged a car parked on Edvalson Street. There was a slight paint transfer on the front driver’s corner of the bumper and minor dents to the fender that made it difficult to open the driver’s door. The other driver is yet unknown.

Vandalism is not a joke

Officers responded to a criminal mischief report on Aug. 26 in which a shuttle bus used on the WSU Ogden campus had been vandalized. A fire extinguisher was found near the bus that was used on the inside of the bus. No other damage was reported.