Police Blotter June 16

Joshua Kamp

Each police blotter contains highlights from the previous weeks’ police calls and reports.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Racing around WSU

A Weber State University officer was dispatched to the Dee Events Center due to a report of three cars racing in the parking lot on June 1. There were no vehicles in the area upon the officers’ arrival. After staying for 25 minutes, the officer saw nothing out of the ordinary.


WSU officers received a call concerning a runaway from the Dee Events Center on June 8. Officers made contact with the the runaway’s mother and gathered information. An Attempt To Locate (ATL) was sent to Ogden and ATL messages were sent to Weber County. Runaway was listed in a national database.

Animals on campus

On June 11, WSU officers were dispatched to Lind Lecture Hall regarding an owl that had become trapped inside the building. The owl was located on the top floor. An officer used a piece of scrap cloth found on a nearby construction table to capture the owl, and the bird was released unharmed outside.

Tampered crosswalks

A right turn only sign and crosswalk sign were found to be turned backwards on June 15. There did not appear to be any damage to the bolts holding up the signs. It is unknown if they were never tightened or if someone loosened them. The signs were reoriented correctly and tightened by hand.