Spring intramurals are blooming

Kainoa Nunez

Weber State University’s campus recreation program offers an opportunity to be a part of a competitive, fun and engaging group that any student can become a student athlete.

Weber State offers a variety of intramural sports throughout the spring semester. Wildcat students can play billiards, basketball, dodgeball, futsal, ultimate frisbee and pickleball (singles and doubles).

Intramurals at WSU allows students to engage with the campus community and participate in a variety of athletics. (Photo by Josh Rocklage on Unsplash)

Campus recreation also offers tournaments for students who want to get involved but can’t commit to a month of games.

The 3v3 basketball tournament is Feb. 8; students can also compete in a March Madness bracket challenge for both men and women’s basketball and a sand volleyball tournament on April 10 and 11.

All Wildcats are encouraged to visit the Wildcat Center Campus Recreation office, where they can sign up to compete.

“Just because you may not have grown up playing basketball doesn’t mean that you can’t play intramural basketball,” said Morgan Fradley, associate director of Aquatics & Safety, Competitive Sports, Fitness and Operations. Weber State intramurals allow anyone to learn to play and have fun.

Each league has its own team roster, standings, final scores, playoffs and championship seeding, and the referees are CPR certified and well trained to the rules for each sport.

The popular intramural sports are basketball, dodgeball, flag football, indoor soccer, and both sand and indoor volleyball, but inner tube, water polo and kickball are on the rise.

“We try to finds ways to get people involved because we want to increase our female and non-traditional student involvement,” Fradley said.

Fradley emphasized that it’s about growth, community, relationships and communication.

Students can register at IMleagues.com to sign up and be a free agent to be placed on a team that they want to play for. Or, students can sign up and build their own team to compete.

Weber State Competitive Sports website said students, faculty and staff are able to participate in as many intramural sports as they want for a small, one-time fee of only $20 for the entire school year or $15 per semester.

Community members are welcome to participate as well at an additional cost. Payments are accepted online and can be taken in the Campus Recreation Office in the Wildcat Center.