Rooster’s Summer of Love celebrates new development on B Street

Weston Lee


Roosters’ Summer of Love featured live music, brewery tours, a wide selection of brews and Lucky Slice pizza. If that all isn’t enough, they also had rubber duck races in a canal and a river bottom bike ride. Oh, and ax throwing.

The Summer of Love took place in West Ogden on July 6 to celebrate the
recently-opened Roosters B Street Brewery.

Many local businesses attended, sharing their food or products and sponsoring activities. Among those were Porter’s Whiskey, Social Axe Throwing, Lucky Slice Pizza, Beehive Cheese, ENVE Composites, Northern Utah Cornhole, and Daily Rise Coffee. The Proper Way and The Good Bones performed live.

7-6 Roster's Beer Party (3 of 8).jpg
Rooster's Beer Party. (Robert Lewis / The Signpost)

Just as Roosters was among the first businesses to open on the previously-neglected and crime-ridden 25th Street, they have opened up their new B Street Brewery in West Ogden as a frontrunner for its redevelopment.

“This is a really cool spot,” Nate Brown, an attendee to the Summer of Love, said. “This brewery, with its taproom and dining, is a huge attraction for West Ogden. I really see this as the beginning of an attractive and redeveloped part of Ogden. I’ll definitely be back.”

Other attendees were also excited about the growth that Roosters brewery could bring to Ogden.


“Property values have been going up in West Ogden, and I think it will continue as we see new development like Roosters brewery,” said Mandi Lee, a Roosters goer and local real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. “It will help with crime as well. It’s kind of the same as the area by Slackwater. You see that area grow as you see restaurants and business goes in there, then new housing and development go in there. I see the same thing happening now with West Ogden.”

“Holy Wowza!” Roosters Brewing Co. shared from their Facebook page on Sunday, “We are beyond grateful to the Roosters Nation that showed up yesterday to celebrate with us as we ‘officially’ planted our flag in our new ‘hood of West Ogden. Let the Roosters Summer of Love continue and stop by and visit our fabulous Roosters crew when you can!”