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Students celebrating Pride by walking in the the 2014 Ogden Pride Parade.

Ogden Pride history hunt

Megan Swann, Asst. Culture Editor June 6, 2023

As another Pride Month is celebrated this June, the search for LGBTQ history in Ogden still continues. Much of the history is still unknown as artifacts are missing from the archives. Sarah Langsdon,...

Kate Kendell, a former Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Cacería de la historia del orgullo en Ogden

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor June 6, 2023

Mientras se celebra otro Mes del Orgullo este junio, la búsqueda de la historia LGBTQ en Ogden aún continúa. Gran parte de la historia aún se desconoce ya que faltan artefactos en los archivos....

Sign at the Rainbow Letters Exhibit asking those who attend to write a note to their younger self. (Sara Staker/The Signpost)

Adding to queer history

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter October 6, 2022

Weber State University’s Special Collections department is providing a voice to the LGBTQ community in Weber and Davis counties. “The Queering the Archives initiative is to gather first-hand stories...

The LQ Zine was created with the intentions to bring together and represent the LGBTQ community of Ogden. Photo credit: Weber State University

The LQ Zine provides opportunities to uplift LGBTQ artists

Lissete Landaverde September 3, 2021

The LGBTQ community in Ogden may not seem prominent looking in, but there are many members and allies around the city. One of the communities in Ogden is the LQ Zine, a self-published magazine run by Lisa...

El deseo de adquirir una nueva especialización secundaria de estudios Queer

El deseo de adquirir una nueva especialización secundaria de estudios Queer

Lissete Landaverde February 1, 2021

Las clases sobre la comunidad LGBTQ han sido escasas en los últimos años. Por eso, los profesores Theresa Kay, Melina Alexander y Richard Price de Weber State University han puesto en marcha la creación...

(Image from Shutterstock) Photo credit: Shutterstock

“Man up”: a conversation about toxic masculinity

Kierstynn King January 25, 2020

When Kay Walker was young, their household was fraught with toxic masculinity. They were told not to cry, and punished if they did.Now the Stop the Hate chair for Diversity and Unity, Walker gave a talk...

Weber State University

Professor profile: from the debate scene to silver screen

Hannah Olsen October 27, 2018

Ryan Walsh, a communication professor and debate coach for Weber State University, won the National Debate Tournament back in 2013—and broke records while doing it. Debating as a member of the first...

LDS exodus: Apostates are driven over the edge

LDS exodus: ‘Apostates’ are driven over the edge

December 17, 2015

It seems counterintuitive that anyone who self-identifies as queer would seek or maintain membership within the LDS church, let alone encourage their children to participate, considering the organization’s...

Janet Mock, an advocate for transgender womens rights, spoke at Weber State University on Tuesday. (Cydnee Green / The Signpost)

Janet Mock tackles LGBT issues

Nathan Cragun November 19, 2015

Within the past five years, the United States has been the epicenter for LGBT debates, discussions and progress. One of the core participants of this latest wave is Janet Mock. “Telling our stories...

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