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After Queen Elizabeth IIs death on Sept. 8, Prince Charles III was appointed king.

News Quiz 9/13

Tim Costello, News editor September 13, 2022

QUESTIONS: 1. Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who is next in the line of succession to the English throne? A. Prince Charles B. Prince William C. Prince Harry D. Prince Eric 2. What...

Amanda Jones, president of NASA, wanted to utilize the event to highlight indigenous voices. Photo credit: Weber State University

Indigenous culture and community coming back to campus

Coby Crisler March 28, 2022

Family and friends gathered to the sounds of powerful drum beats and the twirling bright colors as the 43rd annual Native American Student Association Powwow officially commenced on March 26 at Weber State.The...

The Physics and Astronomy department discusses the James Webb Telescope at Weber State University on Feb. 2. Photo credit: Nikki Dorber

Saltando más profundamente en el espacio

Addison Weeks February 9, 2022

El departamento de Astronomía y Física se unieron el 2 de febrero para conversar sobre el James Webb Space Telescope. Lanzado el mes pasado, el telescopio es un telescopio infrarrojo de $10 billones...

The three speakers of the seminar gathered to chat about space on Feb. 2. Photo credit: Adam Montgomery

Diving deeper into space

Adam Montgomery February 9, 2022

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Weber State University met on Feb. 2 to discuss the James Webb Space Telescope. Launched in December, the telescope is a $10 billion infrared telescope that allows...

Each outfit worn by participants from a previous Pow Wow event displays not only their personalities, but their heritage. Photo credit: Signpost Archives

Amplifying indigenous voices

Lexie Andrew November 15, 2021

Native American Heritage Month, which spans the whole of November, brings with it a new focus to the Native American community, along with an acknowledgement of their resilience and continued involvement...

Performers of various ages talk during a dance performance from a past years powwow. Photo credit: Signpost Archives

Amplificando voces indigenas

Addison Weeks November 15, 2021

Native American Heritage Month, que dura todo el mes de noviembre, trae un nuevo enfoque para la comunidad nativo americano, junto con un reconocimiento de su resiliencia e involucramiento continua en...

The United Nations addressed issues about greenhouse gases in 2020. Photo credit: Pixabay

News Quiz Oct. 26

Joshua Kamp October 25, 2021

1. What company's stock market cap value soared to $1 trillion on Oct. 25 for the first time?a. Facebookb. Teslac. Walmartd. Disney2. The United Nations recently addressed the issue of greenhouse emissions...

WSU Ballet Folklórico performs dances from all over Latin America to showcase the various cultures. Photo credit: WSU Ballet Folklórico

Elevando grupos minoritarios con clubes y organizaciones estudiantiles

Lissete Landaverde April 19, 2021

Comenzar la universidad no es fácil para todos, especialmente para las minorías que pueden sentirse fuera de lugar y posiblemente no tener los recursos necesarios para hacer el proceso. Hay muchos...

Members of The Ohana Association managing a booth about the organization. Photo credit: The Ohana Association

Uplifting minority groups through student clubs and organizations

Lissete Landaverde April 19, 2021

Starting college is not easy for anyone, especially for minorities, who may feel out of place and may not have the resources needed to get through the process. The Weber State Center of Multicultural Excellence...

This is the first 360-degree panorama taken by Mastcam-Z, a zoomable pair of cameras aboard NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/ASU

Perseverance finds a home on Mars

Mackenzie Dessin February 24, 2021

The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, the most technologically advanced rover spacecraft, landed on Mars on Feb. 18.It launched from Cape Canaveral on July 30, traveled 293 million miles and landed in the...

On Oct. 17, Hugo Caicedo presented on African Latin Americans and their contributions to Latin culture. (Lissete Landaverde)

African Latin Americans: The overlooked group in the Latino community

Lissete Landaverde October 19, 2020

Hugo Caicedo gave a presentation on Oct. 17 via Zoom about how African Latinos, who make up a large portion of Latin America, have contributed to Latin American culture and impacted the United States. This...

A Black Lives Matter protest takes place on the steps of the Ogden/Weber Municipal Building in Ogden, Utah on May 30. (Francia Benson).

Do you know your news? June 2

Marisa Nelson May 31, 2020

1.) This past week President Donald Trump tweeted about a new development that would take place locally in Ogden, Utah. His tweet referenced which project?a. A wallb. A bus servicec. A hospitald. A super...

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