Student Senate meeting wrap-up

Will Numbers

The following topics were discussed during Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting:

Code Purple: During the gas leak scare at Elizabeth Hall last month, some students reportedly weren’t notified through Code Purple. Along with not receiving a notification while Elizabeth Hall was being evacuated, some students were allowed to re-enter the building before receiving an all-clear notification from Code Purple.

Emergency App: A company contacted Weber State University recently and offered a new app that would be the equivalent of the emergency call boxes located around campus. In an emergency situation, rather than search for an emergency call box, students would have the choice of logging into the app so that campus police are dispatched to their location.

Science Testing Center: Concerns were raised that students taking tests in the science lab building were told they could not look at clocks on the wall. The tests in the science lab building are administered on paper, so students are unable to tell how much remaining time they have complete their test.

Gender neutral bathrooms: Steps are being taken for gender neutral bathrooms to be implemented in all buildings on Weber State’s main campus.