Cheap lunch near WSU

Pascal Friedmann

Beto's is a great option for a cheap lunch. It's within walking distance of WSU and you get quite a bit of food for the money. (Ariana Berkemeier/ The Signpost)
Beto’s is a great option for a cheap lunch. It’s within walking distance of WSU and you get quite a bit of food for the money. (Ariana Berkemeier/ The Signpost)

Very few college students have very much spare time or cash for anything, so finding cheap but yummy places to eat on the fly is vital to many college students. Here are a few cheap places for lunch that are fairly close to Weber State University.

Golden Jade

Golden Jade offers a variety of Chinese foods, including rice, noodle and meat dishes. The food is cooked to order and waiting time is usually less than 10 minutes. Along with the food quality, the price is a major upside: a lunch plate consisting of meat or noodles comes with fried rice and an egg roll and costs between $6 and $8.

Jake’s Over The Top

If you prefer classic American favorites, Jake’s Over The Top is a good and affordable place to eat for you. Located conveniently just a block south of campus, Jake’s offers burgers, shakes and fries. A meal consisting of a quarter-pound burger, fries, fry sauce and a drink will probably satisfy your lunch cravings. Thanks to a 10% student discount, this meal costs about $6.


Beto’s is the only nationwide chain restaurant on our list. The reason is simple: their food is filling and affordable. For less than $5, Beto’s serves several kinds of breakfast burritos, and for a little more money, all kinds of Mexican food are available. Portions are so large that you probably won’t have to worry about eating again anytime soon. Upside: WSU students receive a free drink.

University Broiler and Grill

If you like the idea of going on a cruise to Greece but can’t afford the ticket, University Broiler and Grill gives you a chance to at least try authentic Greek food. Granted, prices are a bit higher than at the other restaurants on this list, but students receive a 10% discount to push the average combo meal to about $8 to $10. Tip: It’s a classy date idea!


This Mexican restaurant is only about a month old, but despite its slightly deterring appearance, it is worth a try. The crushed ice may take some time to get used to, but corn on the cob sells for $2, with fresh fruit selling between $3 and $4 a cup. It is also a great place to practice your Spanish since none of the owners speak English. Find it: Turn west for half a block at the 7-11 on Harrison Boulevard and 32nd Street.


After all these hot-food options, CherryBerry is a great place to stop at for a cold dessert. More than a dozen flavors of frozen yogurt can be mixed at will, and if that variety isn’t enough, there are also many different toppings to add to round off the experience. Prices are determined by the weight of your finished creation. Tip: Come in on Wednesdays and wear your WSU gear for a 20% discount.