My study abroad experience in Venice, Italy

Lichelle Jenkins

The summer of 2015 will always remain in my memory. This summer started months ago when I signed up for the art history study abroad program. I got the second to the last spot in the class. The program was three weeks in Venice with an art history studio class. Our primary reason for being in Venice at this specific time was for the Venice Biennale. This is a huge international art exhibit held every two years where individuals from countries around the world contribute to and gather to appreciate art. We ended up having 14 students and two instructors go on the trip. Our instructors, Matt Choberka and Josh Winegar, really knew their stuff, which made touring all the art exhibits easier. Every moment that we shared will be with me forever.

Our days started around 9:30 a.m. when we would gather out in the courtyard. Most days, we walked the majority of the length of the island and back because that’s what you do while in Venice—you walk miles everyday. As much as we saw together in the group, there was still so much we didn’t see, so even on the days when we didn’t have a group meeting, most of us walked to see more.

The trip counts for two classes and seven credits. There was a lot of work to do, so it was smart to do as much of it as possible before the trip.

My biggest advice for any trip abroad is to research all of the possible things that there are to do. I missed a few things that I would like to have done, things that I didn’t know about until after I got home.

Don’t let the pre-trip work or post-trip assignments scare you away from taking such an amazing opportunity.