Hello from Italy! Part 2

Life in Italy is a lot different than life in America. For one, in Venice, there are no cars, motorcycles or bicycles. Walking is the main way to get around, but you can still take a water bus or water taxi, called a “vaporetto.”

Even though there aren’t cars, there is still a lot of noise, between all the people, their rolling bags and all the boats on the canals.

Another thing that is different is the grocery store. You can’t touch the fresh produce unless you wear a glove, and then you have to put it in a bag, weigh it and tag it with its information. At the fruit and veggie stands on the streets, you are not allowed to touch any of the produce; the workers do it all for you. You have to bring your own bags or buy a plastic bags, which some people recycle to double as trash bags.

Speaking of trash, its picked up daily except on Sundays. The trash needs to be put out on the streets before 8:30 a.m. with hopes that no animals get into it before its picked up. The trash men here come around with carts and collect the bags and put it on barges to be hauled away.

And ice … there isn’t any. Italians just don’t do ice in their drinks. Unless you can find a place that has it and you specifically ask for it, you won’t be served ice.

A few other things they don’t seem to believe in are benches in the public transportation station, napkins with “take away” food and Pepsi. I’ve only seen Coke products for the most part, and even though the water is safe to drink, they seem confused if you ask for tap water.

Don’t get me wrong. Even through things are different, Venice still has its charm, mystery and plenty of variety of cheese and chocolate!