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Ensuring a job after graduation

With graduation just around the corner, Weber State University grads will be thrown into the real world and will need to find a job. Here are some tips to nail the interview:

Tips for interview and office attireDo research

You want to look for a job that will keep your interest. In order to do that, invest some time in research.

Investigate the company you are applying to. Pulling out facts about the company that the interviewer might not expect you to know will build a positive first impression.

Have examples from previous jobs

Often in an interview, the professional will ask hypothetical questions about problems that may arise in the work place.

Be prepared with an example from previous jobs, so you can quickly respond with a well thought-out explanation.

Promote your education

Show your potential employer how your academic experience has prepared you with the skills needed.

Elaborate on your WSU involvement on and off campus and how those activities gave you the knowledge and skills that make you the right person.

Practice, practice, practice

Before your real interview, do a mock interview. Career Services, in the Student Services building, offers mock interviews so students can be successful.

Show your sincerity in wanting the position

Before leaving the interview, thank the potential employer for their time and mention how you look forward to hearing from them soon. Send a thank you card.

Dress for success

This is key. If you show up looking your best, not only will your potential employer see you can be professional, but you will feel confident in yourself and answer questions in a way that shows you are the best-suited candidate for the job.

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