Amber Celeste Fast, traditional students

Fast-AmberI am a freshman at Weber State University. I know I am younger than most of my opponents, but I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the university through my job as a Peer Assistant and Peer Mentor at the Multicultural Student Center. Also, my experience in the Hispanic Area Council as the Secretary has opened my eyes to more opportunities that I can take part in to contribute to the overall experience of Weber State students. These experiences gave me the vision to become a leader not only in my Council, but also a leader for the university as a whole.

I plan to serve and lead my university by being a voice for the Traditional student body. I believe the most important role as a senator is to actually listen to your constituency and be proactive in resolving issues that are brought up. I will remain unbiased to any issue that comes to me and treat them all equally. I will do everything in my power to prove to the Traditional student body that I will advocate in their best interest for each and every one of them.