Chelsea Bybee, College of Health Professions

Chelsea Bybee
Chelsea Bybee

Health professions are the most in demand career in today’s world, and so is the need for a Health Professions senator for Weber State University!

My name is Chelsea Bybee and I would love to represent you as the College of Health Professions Senator. A senator’s most important duty is to be the voice of their constituency. I believe in our voice, and as scholars we can make a difference. Being a Health Professions major is tough and I understand the challenges that are brought upon you. The past four years as a student I have spent most of my time focusing on my health profession degree and my involvement with various departments on campus. Having been the College of Science senator for the past year, I have also gained the experience and knowledge necessary to lead a constituency.

My experiences involving various trainings, event coordinating, community outreach and leadership opportunities, as well as diverse staff and student involvement makes me qualified to understand the needs required for the position of Health Professions Senator.

I believe in us and I would like you to believe in me. As students, we underestimate the power we possess to make our college experience and education better. Allow me the opportunity to make a difference and please take a moment to vote!