KWCR Album of the Week: Feather-Bright

With interesting riffs and musical twists, the Californian band Feather-Bright twirls you into their psychedelic folk-rock jam. Like mixing different art mediums, Feather-Bright experiments with unique transitions from folksy melodies lined with subtle electronic beats, to rocking guitars.a3978070316_10

Formed by Carly Patterson (singer-songwriter/guitarist), the band also includes Anne Healey (cellist), James Shaff (bassist) and Daniel DeMento (drummer). Together they produce songs that feed off the rhapsody of chaotic harmonies, like the opening track “Call to the Moon” and “Selkie Song.” The composition of these songs has a similar style to the indie band, “Heartless Bastards.”

Patterson’s voice is soft and sweet like Deb Talan (singer of “The Weepies”) with a kick like that of KT Tunstall. “I speak the dialect of your soul, I speak the language of the trees,” she sings in track two, “Sparrow,” a song that can be described as hippie-goes-spooky.

“Into Your Cave” is the best track on the album. It’s a steadier listen than the rest but its misty, trance-like quality makes for an endearing four minutes.

Another unique factor of the album was the Spanish track, “La Feria.” Though I didn’t understand it, the intro reminded me of the intro in The Beatles’ Abbey Road version of “Because.”

Feather-Bright’s self-titled album is a respectable debut album. I give it 2.5 stars. It will be released Nov. 11.