WSUSA roundup

Here’s what happened at WSUSA’s Monday Senate meeting:

  • #likeagirl

The WSUSA Senate participated in making a video with Studio 76 and the Weber State Women’s Center. In the video, people were asked to throw like a girl, sit like a girl or run like a girl.

The video was intended to illustrate how we think about stereotypes. Senate President Jeff Henry said he’s proud of all the work the Senate has done on this project, and he didn’t expect it to blow up like this. The Women’s Center also provided signs where people could write about their experiences with stereotypes.

“I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was,” said Megan Brown Simmons from the Women’s Center.

Simmons brought the idea to Weber State after going to a presentation. The video is currently on YouTube and will be shown in the atrium again on Wednesday.

  • Signs in the Social Science building:

In the Senate meeting, Arts and Humanities Senator Ashlee Cawley brought up rumors that signs dealing with gender equality were being vandalized and taken down in the Social Science building.

Weber State Police Sgt. Seth Cawley said he received reports, but then got a call from the Women’s Center saying it wasn’t vandalism.

  • Gym maintenance

Samuel Hobbs, senator for traditional students, brought up the complaints he has been getting about maintenance in the gym. He said there were reports of men’s showers getting clogged, causing water build-up and some drinking fountains not working.

The Senate referred the issue to the appropriate committee and will look into it.