Online version of the Signpost updated this month

The main website of the Signpost, WSU's school newspaper. The site just got a facelift, making it easier to navigate and more visually appealing (Source: The Signpost)
The main website of the Signpost, WSU’s school newspaper. The site just got a facelift, making it easier to navigate and more visually appealing. (Source: The Signpost)

The online version of The Signpost got a facelift this year, with changes intended to bring in more readers.

Since its debut in February 1997, the Signpost website has undergone many changes.

The newest version has been adapted to look more modern, making it more appealing to students. The simpler design will help readers locate articles as well as easily navigate the website.

The new webpage has rotating headlines, similar to those found on an MSN homepage, so multiple headlines are highlighted.

Readers will find this new site is also more compact. Everything is located in a central area, rather than spread out. Because of this, being bombarded with too much information is no longer an issue.

At the Signpost office, the staff is glad for the changes that have been made and are excited for the student body to see the final product.

One staff member loves the fact that mobile support has been optimized for all of those who access the site on mobile devices.

Another staff member enjoys the fact that the new website is much easier to navigate.

The fact that students can access specific sections featured with The Signpost makes the staff anxious for the student body to enjoy the site as much as they do.

There are many new aspects of the website such as the community interaction feature.

This feature will help students better connect with their university by featuring links to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

There’s also a calendar that keeps students updated on school events and important upcoming information.

Lastly, the interaction students can have on the website makes it better for students who want quick and easy access to school news. The constant flow of articles on the front page makes it easy for all to enjoy.

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