Students can get discounts with Weber State ID

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(Graphic by Brett Ferrin)

One of the first things new students at Weber State do is get their Wildcat ID. This card not only gives access to many services on campus but in the community as well.


It’s no secret that Utah is surrounded by mountains and beaches are hard to come by, especially once the snow begins to fall. Flowrider is a great alternative for those thrill-seekers who crave surfing the waves. Flowrider, located at the Junction in downtown Ogden, offers an indoor “sheet wave” that is safe for all ages. Keep your Wildcat card close, WSU students get a discount every Wednesday.

Higher Ground Hot Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and mentally prepare for midterms or finals. Higher Ground Hot Yoga participates in popular yoga moves while the room is warmed to 105 degrees. There are two locations, one in Ogden and the newer establishment in Layton. WSU students are encouraged to use their student discount to enjoy a 90-minute session.

Grounds for Coffee (30th and Harrison)

Most college students depend on caffeine to get through their day. WSU students are in luck! They can receive a 15-percent discount with their Wildcat ID. Gourmet coffee doesn’t come cheap for a student on a budget so take advantage of this great perk when you’re in need of a caffeine fix.

The Pie Pizzeria

Pizza is the quintessential student food. For students on a budget, it’s difficult to compromise between the cost of eating out and the time it takes to make something at home. Luckily, The Pie caters to its WSU customers and offers a 10-percent discount for college students.

All About Socks

There are few people out there who don’t love a comfortable pair of socks. The cold months are on the horizon and socks will soon be in demand. Head over to Historic 25th Street and show the cashier your Wildcat card. This will get you a buy one, get one free deal on socks to keep your feet warm during the winter.

Never miss a chance to save a few dollars on items you need. Head over to the Weber State student discount website or their Facebook page to keep up with the list of great deals.