KWCR album of the week: Magic Man 'Before the Waves'

tobias-hutzler_magic-man1“Before the Waves” starts off mystical, like the sound of a seashell, before crashing into a catchy summer romance beat. Magic Man, an electronic-indie rock band from Boston, captures the excitement and butterflies that comes with youth and warm night crushes while evoking the nostalgia of summer flings you wish had worked out.

Less poppy than Grouplove and New Politics, Magic Man has that giddy feeling of Matt and Kim. This up-and-coming band will make your heart beat with music and lyrics of experiences you know all too well.

With fun, dance-provoking rhythms “Texas” is a great track to open the album. Lyrics like, “Cover my skin with your sun-kissed light, there’s a bonfire burning tonight,” are melting and fire-driven like first kisses.

Track number three, “Paris”, is both electrifying and wistful, reminding me of exciting first encounters and immediate connections that sometimes lack stability.

My favorite song on this album is track number five, “Chicagoland” which has an intro that hooks you with melodic twists. “Chicagoland” depicts the struggle of attempting to understand someone who is too stubborn or insecure to let you in.

“It All Starts Here” ends the album on a high note, encouraging optimism and new beginnings with lyrics like, “We’ve got fire, it’s in our blood.”

“Before the Waves” is a party on the beach with upbeat sounds and young, romantic lyrics. It is a respectable summer anthem. I give this album 3.5 stars.