English professor receives Nye Honor at WSU

Christy Call

This year’s recipient of the Nye Honor award is Christy Call, a professor in the Weber State University Honors English Department.

The Nye Honor first went to a professor in 2006. The first recipients of the award were Craig Oberg, Gene Sessions and Sam Zeveloff.

The award is presented annually to an Honors Program professor. The Honors Student Advisory Board receives about 100 nominations from students throughout the year.

“This is a great honor for me,” Call said. “It makes me so happy to know that my students appreciate me and my classes that much.”

Students choose the professors to nominate for the award because they have the most interaction with their professors. They also see the professors at both their best and worst.

According to Judy Elsley, the Honors Program director, some of the things the board looks at when considering professors for the award is whether they have an interesting and relevant class topic and a well-organized class.

The advisory board also looks at the professors’ ability to creatively engage students in class, whether they have a good sense of humor and whether they are friendly toward their students.

“I’ve been inspired by all my previous teachers, both good and bad,” Call said. “I try to learn something from every setting, and try to incorporate what I learned into my teaching.”

Call has been teaching in the honors English program at WSU for six years. She said she loves teaching at WSU.

“I’ve always loved her class,” said an anonymous student in one of Call’s classes. “She always has a high amount of energy and always keeps the class active and interesting.”

Call said that, as a professor, she loves getting feedback from her students. She said she hopes her students take something they learned from her classes and apply it to their everyday lives. She also said she wants her students to have a fun experience in class and learn something new that means something to them.