Community art center features winners from state competition

(Source: Eccles Community Art Center) A painting by local artist Jerry Hancock is on display in the Eccles Community Art Center, which is featuring art submitted to the 14th Black and White Statewide Competition through March 29.

The Eccles Community Art Center will feature creative pieces submitted by local artists in its main gallery through March 29 for the 14th Black and White Statewide Competition.

The Carriage House Gallery is also displaying small works by Weber State University alumnus Jerry Hancock, an artist from West Weber. Hancock also participated in the Black and White Competition.

“The Statewide is an annual show,” Hancock said. “I like to support any show that the Eccles puts on if it fits my type of art, just because it’s local and we just need more artists to support the local venues. That’s why I put something in the Statewide. It’s a juried show, but I did happen to get my piece in that I put in. I’m known for my horses and cattle, so I just did black and white of kind of a patterned study of the cattle that I raised. It got in.”

Another local artist, Ludy Danielson from South Weber, said only about 50 percent of submissions get accepted for the statewide competitions. Danielson’s art was featured at the statewide show two years ago. She submitted her artwork this year, but “it didn’t make it, so now I’m going to redo it and make it better and get in the competition. There is some beautiful art here.”

Danielson paints with water color, and she visits the Eccles Community Art Center every couple of months. She said one of her favorites of those entered into the competition this year is a charcoal and pencil piece called “Cedar Valley” by Cody Chamberlain. She also said she really enjoyed the mask entitled “Warrior,” made of ceramic and metal by former WSU professor Darnel Haney.

Danielson said she was most surprised this year by how many different works of art were featured, because it’s usually mostly photography.

“The Black and White Competition is an every-other-year competition,” said the center’s assistant director, Debra Muller. “It’s open to any Utah resident artist. We tend to get mostly central Utah artists that participate. It’s open to any media, so it includes photography, sculpture, glass, painting, and this time we did a lot of printmaking and that type of thing.

“On the year that we don’t do the Black and White Competition, we do a photography competition,” Muller said. “We hold a number of other competitions throughout the year. We have one that will be more of a Western theme competition in July around the days of Pioneer Days, so it’s an association of that. Then we do a statewide competition that’s more colorful and is open to any art, but it’s more photography. We usually feature somebody in our Carriage House every time we have a show in the main house. It adds variety . . .”

Hancock said that outside of the competition, all of his art is in color. “Out in the Carriage House, it’s all landscapes,” he said. “I tried to do 90 percent of them Utah landscapes that people would recognize, like Ben Lomond, for example . . . The rest of them are just Utah-inspired, of how I think Utah landscapes typically look — from up Weber Canyon, or up Logan Canyon. They’re all just small — anywhere from 6-by-8 up to 12-by-16, so they’re just small paintings.”

All awards for the statewide competition were announced at a reception for the artists on Feb. 7. Most of the award winners were from the Weber County area. Those who visit the gallery can view all accepted submissions, as well as awarded pieces.

“We’re open to the public Monday through Friday 9-5, and Saturday 9-3,” Muller said. “We just invite people to stop by to see us. There is no admission to come in; it’s free.”