Student senate meets first day back

The Weber State University student senate held a meeting on Monday, the first day of fall semester, for business as usual. This was the first official meeting for the newly elected student senators.

Four senators were nominated for the position of senate vice chair. This position is second to senate president Brady Harris. The senator elected to fill this position will sit in Harris’ place should he ever be absent.

Senators Joseph Favero, Jeff Henry, Tyler Hall and Trevor Shepherd were nominated for the position. The student senate will vote and place the vice chairman on Sept. 9.

“It almost seems more like a figurehead position just in case Brady is not here to attend,” Shepherd said. “At the meetings you sit next to him and just be his right-hand man, so to say.”

According to Harris and later clarified by Shepherd, the student senate vice chair is also appointed to faculty senate meetings, which are held on the third Thursday of each month.

The senators were also assigned to oversee campus committees, which are available at According to Harris, the senators assigned to these committees will sit on their boards and oversee their activities to access their needs. Senators will be on these committees for the remainder of the 2013–14 year and urge students to contact them with questions and concerns.

“For the most part, it’s your duty to be the voice of the student body,” Harris said.

Shepherd said the student senate is dedicated to making WSU a better place for everyone in the community and helping students succeed.

“We’re still all fairly new,” he said. “You’re a student first, and you’re working for the students of your constituency and their best interests . . . because you love Weber State, you are trying to make it better.”