Nontrad student balances school and parenting

Wendy Parrish has been going to school off on and on over the years in order to be there for her daughter. She is a nontraditional

(Photo by: Tyler Brown) Wendy Parrish
(Photo by: Tyler Brown) Wendy Parrish

student now graduating with a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in geology, health promotion and recreation.

“I can’t wait; I’m speechless,” said Parrish about her upcoming graduation.

She said she has been going to Weber State University off and on because she wanted to be there to support her daughter while she was in high school. Parrish’s daughter will also be attending WSU for a degree in athletic therapy.

“There’s always the balance . . . (of) your family and academic studies, plus I work part-time,” Parrish said. She said she has also worked full-time while she has gone to school.

Parrish said nontraditional students who are having trouble with the balancing act should learn what resources at WSU can help. She said she has found that students do not realize they can go to the Writing Center for free help on papers and free printing.

“I get a little frustrated, but some of my classes have helped, like I’ve taken stress management . . .,” Parrish said. “Just trying to stay active, try to stay positive — that’s the best thing.”

Parrish took a class on mind and body wellness that also helped her stay active. She said she recommends that people volunteer through the Community Involvement Center in order to stay active.

“One thing I recommend to those who aren’t (graduating) — do internships,” Parrish said. “(Do) the things that your professors tell you, start listening, because if you wait until the end, you are missing out on a lot of experiences that will help you when you get out of your academic studies and you’re getting into the real world of work and trying to get into your career.”

She said doing internships helped her find out what she wanted to do as a career. She plans on going to graduate school for a master’s in geology, but is not sure yet what school she will attend.