Senate chooses diversity VP candidate

For the past few weeks, the diversity and unity vice president position has been open for all Weber State University students to apply for. Joshua Hunt has been selected as the diversity and unity vice president candidate.

Hunt came into the student senate meeting on Monday to talk about his nomination and why he thought he would be good for the position. The senate will vote next week to determine whether or not he will be the new vice president.

“Joshua Hunt is a very impressive leader, and he exemplified everything we were looking for in an executive officer and someone who could lead the  Center of Diversity and Unity in the right direction,” said WSU Student Association President Andrew Gardiner.

Hunt is a social work major who is also studying military science. He works currently as the assistant diversity director. He was put into the vice president position temporarily when the former vice president resigned.

“This experience has prepared me a unique set of qualifications and such for the road ahead, having observed what works and what does not,” Hunt said. “In the last year, I have experienced tremendous personal growth, learning that true leadership also means being a servant.”

Hunt said his goal for the diversity vice president office is to have more efficiency by creating new procedures and reviewing what has gone wrong or right in the office.

“My observation last year, working as the assistant director, is that we’ve kind of been spinning our wheels, so to speak,” he said. “We seem to be going this direction and then that direction. We don’t ever have a solid game plan.”

Hunt said he wants to create a new mission statement with more clearly defined objectives and break it down to 10 areas of outreach. Those 10 areas would then be split up into three areas per group.

Hunt was chosen by the search committee, which consisted of Gardiner, four student senators and two students at large. They reviewed the applications and the resumes of the candidates. Three people applied for the position, including Hunt. After reviewing the applications, the search committee interviewed each candidate, then picked the best one for the job.

“We felt really confident in any of their abilities to step up and take over,” said Kimberly Tribe, the college of education senator, who was on the search committee. “We were impressed at his (Hunt’s) initiative when the last exec left. He kind of stepped up and took that lead position and kept everyone together and focused on moving forward.”

Next week, the senate will vote on Hunt. In order to be ratified, he must get a two-thirds majority vote, which is about 15 senators. If he is ratified, he will be sworn in the week after.

“If accepted as the diversity VP, I will see every task through to the finish, bringing a spirit of cooperation and teamwork to the CDU, leading by example from the front,” Hunt said.