Students plan to celebrate after finals

All across campus, students’ faces are hidden behind computer screens, stacks of note cards and textbooks. The halls seem to be a little quieter than in weeks previous.

For many students, finals week is not only a reason to stress but to celebrate.

Weber State University student Mike Jenkins is getting his associate degree this semester. Jenkins said he tries to put finals in the perspective of “it’s almost over.”

Mark Ashby is a WSU freshman working on generals. He said he’s not too worried about finals this semester. Ashby said he is planning on celebrating the end of finals week by selling his textbooks and using the money to buy a new subwoofer for his car.

A WSU sophomore by the name of Raul Sanchez said he usually goes out to eat with his friends to celebrate the end of the semester. Sanchez is majoring in elementary education. He said he wants to teach third grade.

In regards to finals, Sanchez said, “I’m not really too worried. I’m just kinda taking it as it comes to me, and I don’t really sit down and study too hard. I don’t stress over it.”

When Sanchez was asked how he prepares for finals, he said, “I study like I would for any other exam.”

A graduating senior named Sami Postma will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis and a technical writing minor.

“I’m very grateful that I’m graduating. I’ve worked really hard for this,” Postma said.

Postma said she will probably celebrate by going out to dinner with her family. She also said she and her roommate are planning a party with friends to celebrate.

“Since I’ve moved out with my roommate, me and her try to at least go out to dinner after the semester’s over just to say, ‘We survived!'” Postma said.

Postma earned her degree in three years at WSU. She had one semester of 15 credits, but her other semesters had at least 18 credits. Her last semester was 20 credit hours.

Postma has also been working two part-time jobs.

She said she is a self- motivated person. She decided in high school she wanted to graduate in three years. She said she really wanted to say she got her bachelor’s degree at the age of 20.

“I loved school. Now that I’m in my last semester, I’m looking around at all of these amazing opportunities that are still here and going, ‘Why am I graduating?'” Postma said.

Postma said she didn’t realize all the opportunities that were available for students until this last year. She said she would advise students to check out the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Because of the Office of Undergraduate Research, Postma was able to go to San Francisco for a writing conference. She presented a novel she’s working on and said she now has four agents that want her to send her story to them when she finishes it.

Postma said she will walk at graduation.

“I worked for this. I deserve that recognition,” Postma said.

She said a lot of people see walking at graduation as tedious, but to her, it’s an opportunity to get recognized for all the work she’s done.