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Love grows where my Wildcat goes

Aurelia Allan and Cole Kelly skipping on a bridge

Class crushes and WSU-sponsored first kisses fuel purple-tinted romances at Weber State University. For some couples, love starts on campus.

Heather Karren said that she has Weber State’s True Wildcat Night to thank for helping to move along her relationship with her fiancé, Scott Ruebush. The pair met at a devotional at the Latter-Day Saint Institute of Religion and kept crossing paths afterward.

The night of True Wildcat, they both attended a swing dancing activity at the institute. As a group of friends left for True Wildcat, the couple decided to tag along.

“We just went to the activity and kissed,” Karren said. “We both knew that we liked each other at that point enough to keep dating and it got serious a little bit after that.”
The couple has been together for four months and have plans to get married over the summer.

Shaina Widmark and Jordan Park met in an online History class in the fall of 2020.

“We definitely wouldn’t have met outside of Weber State. We didn’t have anything that crosses paths other than school,” Widmark said. “Props to Professor Peterson for encouraging conversation in his class because I never would have even recognized most of the students from my other classes.”

Park and Widmark began their relationship in January of 2021 and have been together for three years. Together, they are raising their 5-year-old son, and have a baby on the way.

According to Aurelia Allan, her relationship with her boyfriend, Cole Kelley, started with a scavenger hunt looking for pictures of Billy Ray Cyrus’ face, around Ogden. Since then, the couple has been virtually inseparable.

Before dating, the two were part of the same Dungeons and Dragons group.

“I had made a rule that I wouldn’t date anyone in the same Dungeons and Dragons group as me,” Allan said.

The group disbanded for the summer. Kelley moved to Colorado, where he tried dating.

“Every time I was about to ask someone to be my girlfriend over in Colorado, Aurelia’s face would pop into my mind and it would be like, no. Wait for her, man. See if that relationship goes anywhere,” Kelley said.

Allan asked Kelley on a date in September. The couple has been together for five months, and Allan has decided to stay at Weber State to continue her education instead of pursuing an alternate educational program.

Macy and Nathan Harrs met through the dating app, “Mutual,” and were married in August 2023 after two years of dating.

“Somewhere around August, we were hanging out and talking,” Macy Harrs said. “And I’m like, ‘Hey, do you want to get married in three weeks?’”

The couple planned their wedding and were married just before the fall semester. The newlyweds have loved being married.

“I love that he calms me down and reminds me that you need to have time for yourself,” Macy Harrs said.

Taylor Trujillo and Cameron Hart first bonded over their shared love for heavy metal music in a physics class. They soon realized that they were both mechanical engineering majors, and found common ground through their other shared interests, such as rock climbing on campus.

Trujillo loved Hart’s passion for life and Hart admired Trujillo’s confidence, especially as a woman in STEM.

“It’s just kind of funny because we do have, like, that black cat girlfriend, golden retriever boyfriend dynamic going for us,” Hart said.

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