Sports away from the NCAA

Walk-on Wildcat linebacker Conner Mortensen tackles University of North Dakota running back James Johannesson on Nov. 9, 2019.

Not every athlete will get recruited to play college sports. Typically, players are recruited out of high school with the hopes of being spotted by a scout in the NCAA. But for those who weren’t recruited, it may feel like it’s time to give up on their dreams.

For athletes that weren’t recruited, there are ways to play at Weber State University. Here are the top three ways to become a Wildcat athlete:

Walk On
Most walk-ons have to find a coach for their respective sport and talk to them about trying out for the team. Walk-on players have a lot of ambition to make the team, so given the opportunity, they want to succeed and prove their worth. Athletes looking to walk-on have to attend tryouts, which typically occur over the summer.

One of Weber State’s notable walk-ons was former linebacker Conner Mortensen, who recorded 142 solo tackles, three interceptions and a touchdown during his four years as a Wildcat.

Guard Cole Lake was a walk-on this season for the men’s basketball team. During the 2022-23 season, Lake played six minutes and scored 1 point.

Club Sports
Weber State has more than just NCAA-regulated sports on campus — there is also the opportunity to participate in club sports. These are sports that play against other colleges but are not affiliated with the NCAA.

There are multiple club teams at Weber State, including ones for hockey, baseball, men and women’s rugby, lacrosse and rodeo. Students looking to join the clubs can register at Wildcats can also create their own sports clubs at Weber State by following the guidelines posted on the website.

Sports clubs fall under the umbrella of campus recreation. Most coaches volunteer with different players taking leadership in their respective roles on the team.

Other than club sports and walking on to NCAA programs, there are also intramural sports at Weber State. Intramural sports are recreational sports organized within the university.

Students can join by registering as a free agent on their website: It provides a list of sports for the season as well as rules and regulations for the activities.

The intramural sports that are played in the spring are basketball, dodgeball, futsal and pickleball.

Students can choose the division they want to play in and can register to be a free agent. Intramurals are designed to help students meet new people on campus rather than to play competitively.