Staying in touch with WSU

Commemorative Weber State plate and vintage Weber State sweater on display in the Lindquist Alumni Center.

As the fall semester comes to an end, graduation ceremonies begin. It brings into question how students can stay connected with Weber State University after graduation.

Some ways graduates can stay connected with WSU is through the alumni association, professional connections they have made, or future employment opportunities.

Amanda Nef, a WSU student graduating this fall, said that WSU has provided experiences that are valuable to her.

“My favorite part about my time at WSU is the time spent connecting with the Davis Campus,” Nef said. “I’ve held two jobs at that campus.”

Nef shared the personal impact the alumni association at WSU had on her. She mentioned that she wasn’t familiar with the association until being granted the Cat2Cat scholarship this semester.

“It not only helped give me that final push my last semester, but it also made me appreciate the people who are giving back,” Nef said. “As a childhood cancer survivor, I occasionally like to donate time and money to Primary Children’s Hospital. The doctors there are amazing, and I want kids to experience the same joy and hope that I did when struggling on chemotherapy too. I think on a different scale, college is like that too; alumni students give back to current students because they understand how hard it is and want others to succeed.”

Abby Monroe, the new alumni coordinator for the alumni association discussed the Cat2Cat scholarship and how it is an important part of the alumni association.

“We work hard to meet alumni where they are, and help them stay connected with volunteer service, engagement through experiential opportunities, give-back opportunities with philanthropy, and the ability to stay up-to-date with interactive communication,“ Monroe said.

The alumni association has an important part for the alumni and current students at WSU. They provide scholarships, and career help, service opportunities, the traditions keeper, and more. To keep students engaged at WSU, and to promote further connection to the university even after graduation.

“It’s nice to see a community of people who are on the other end, who have crossed the finish line, and still like to stay connected,” Nef said. “It motivates you as a student to keep on going and to finish school.”

Whatever students’ future plans are, WSU promotes further engagement with the university and community in Ogden even after graduation.

“The advice I would give to a new graduate would be to pay attention to the people you’re sitting next to in class,” Monroe said. “There are so many great people that walk the halls of Weber State. You are sitting next to incredibly great people. Weber State has something to offer everyone, so take advantage of the opportunities and resources WSU has to offer.”