Ogden’s art avenue: First Friday Art Stroll

The Monarch Butterfly mural on the wall outside of the Monarch Art Gallery.

Art is one of the most important aspects of what makes Ogden. It’s the murals on the buildings, the music buskers performing on the sidewalks and, most importantly, the many art galleries located throughout Ogden.

Beginning in 1993, the tradition of the First Friday Art Stroll has taken place around many art galleries located in the very heart of Ogden, along 25th Street on the first Friday of every month.

The event is meant to support Ogden’s local art galleries, enjoy the works of local artists, inspire creativity and enjoy the atmosphere of weekend nights in downtown Ogden.

The monthly event extends the hours of the art galleries from 6-9 p.m. and features many artists whose work is up for viewing, giving visitors the chance to purchase pieces and even ask about their work, such as their inspiration and the processes behind the creation of their artwork.

David J. Crowther, one of the photographers included in the event, gave an insight into his process.

“They’re all photos I have taken myself, but then I run them through two A.I. systems I have created,” Crowther said. “I get a lot of heat from my photographer friends about it because they tell me that it’s no longer photography anymore, but it is, and it’s a lot more work than people might think.”

Each location for the First Friday Art Stroll can be seen marked with a sticker that lets visitors know they are a part of the event. Every gallery has a variety of artwork to view, and they’re constantly growing and changing.

Even with changing themes or occasional art contests being hosted, there is always something new to view and to enjoy for every art lover wishing to participate in the monthly art stroll along 25th Street.