Standing out in the Big Sky

Bronson Barron running on the football field with a football tucked into his arm. (Weber State Athletics)

After recording 368 yards and four touchdowns in Weber State University’s win against Utah Tech University on Sept. 17, Wildcat quarterback Bronson Barron was named the Big Sky Offensive Player of the Week.

“With the position I play and the role I play on the team, I have to be very prepared as a quarterback. That’s your job, is to be prepared,” Barron said. “I felt super prepared going into that game.”

After starting on-and-off again due to injuries last season, Barron is currently second in the Big Sky in yards, touchdowns and efficiency heading into the regular season. Weber State currently has the third highest-ranked offense in the league, averaging over 40 points per game with a 3–0 preseason record.

“I think, this year, we have a team that does a much better job of holding each other accountable,” Barron said. “If you walk into the facilities at 7 a.m., you’re going to see close to 35 guys in the facility already.”

During the offseason, Weber State brought in offensive coordinator Mickey Mental. Creating a new identity for Weber State’s offense, Mental designed a no-huddle system for his quarterbacks. Barron said the fast-paced offense is easier for him to run and he’s able to process the game more clearly.

“I think with the up-tempo offense, because we are going so fast, it doesn’t allow a defense to get into all the exotic looks,” Barron said. “They’re not going to be able to bring a lot of crazy blitzes or do some exotic coverage because we’re going so fast. They’re so worried about just getting lined up and getting into that base defense that they run. As a quarterback, you love that.”

Along with teammates like safety Desmond Williams and running back Josh Davis, Barron has suffered injuries throughout the majority of his collegiate career. Coming to Weber State after serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Barron was limited during his first two seasons after tearing his MCL.

“At the beginning, it takes a toll mentally,” Barron said about dealing with injuries as an athlete. “You’re not really in the best place. It’s tough, but if you mentally stay strong and you get back on the field, you realize how fortunate you are to play the sport that you love and how great it is.”

With a successful start to the season, Barron outlined what this team strives to accomplish each game, saying his goal is to have a 65-70% completion percentage and the team’s offense strives for 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing each game.

“I think statistics. I see them, but I don’t really look too far into them,” Barron said. “The most important thing is ending with a “W” in that win/loss column.”

The Wildcats are traveling to California this week to take on the University of California, Davis. Last year, Weber State fell short in a close match to the Aggies 17–14. Barron said the team is looking at this matchup as a revenge game.

“UC Davis is a great team,” Barron said. “Their defense is great, and so you have to go in with that respect, but you don’t fear anyone. That’s a big thing for us going into this weekend and every week in general. We’re going to respect our opponent, but we’re not going to fear them.”

Weber State will play UC Davis on Sept. 24 at 8 p.m.