A lifeline for success

Weber State University community members donate blood during the annual American Red Cross Blood Battle on Sept. 15.

GivePulse is a platform and application that helps inform students about the community and upcoming events, similar to a digital bulletin board. This includes service opportunities providing chances to network with others and the ability to organize groups, projects and experiences.

“We have a lot of nonprofit community partners that are posting their needs and then students can go in and find opportunities,” Wildcat Advantage coordinator Jenny Frame said.

The platform helps students fulfill their class and club requirements while also being engaged with the community, all of which can be tracked through the GivePulse system. Instructors can view what students have completed through the platform as well.

“We want students to be engaged in things that are going to make them successful,” Frame said.

Frame said her affiliation with the Wildcat Advantage program has given her a different perspective on GivePulse.

“GivePulse is one way to find high impact learning experiences throughout the community and campus,” Frame said.

High-impact learning experiences focus on having students learn through experience and engaging in community activities.

Frame said that, historically, students who participate in these high-impact learning experiences often find more success in their education, usually having higher GPAs and finishing school earlier.

GivePulse also allows community members and partners to share their needs in real time. Students can then view the feedback and respond accordingly.

“It has been a really good platform to just kind of be more responsive to community needs,” Frame said.

Frame said this is especially helpful because the community is always evolving. There’s a large variety of different opportunities and community experiences for students to participate in.

“These opportunities can change your life,” Frame said. “It’s a great place to go get some real world experience and find opportunities.”

GivePulse can be downloaded through app stores or accessed through the eWeber portal.