What to expect when you’re expecting fall semester

Francia Benson

The big questions for fall semester are if campus will remain open and if classes will be held in person.

To comply with the six-foot social distance guideline, as well as other precautions to prevent COVID-19 cases, Weber State University is developing plans to hold fall semester classes in formats other than face-to-face classes, including online, hybrid or virtual.

The university is also working on selecting the delivery options of classes depending on the student’s needs and preferences.

Face-to-face courses will be assigned a classroom where the students can maintain social distancing. However, course meeting times will remain the same as listed on the class schedule.

The university expects to have a detailed course schedule decision by the first week of July. Once final decisions are made, students will get an email with information on their classes delivery format.

Among the courses that will likely be on-campus are lab, studio and research classes, as well as courses that involve performance, hands-on, practical and clinical experiences. These classes will also be included and will be addressed in the email.

Many general education courses are being pushed to be in person for first-time students, early college students and international students that will benefit from the face-to-face interaction that comes with a gen-ed. Likewise, those who attend Davis campus and Farmington and West centers will have the opportunity to have face-to-face courses.

Hybrid classes will be delivered in a few formats. Students could attend on-campus classes for some course meeting times and other times their course may be delivered synchronously or asynchronously online. Some hybrid courses may meet virtually, meeting online at the designated times.

Along with the social distancing measures and changes to class structures, the university has created a series of cleaning protocols. This including hand sanitizer, disinfectant and Plexiglas shields for each classroom.

“Our priority is to provide our students, faculty and staff with a flexible schedule in a safe environment,” Weber State University President Brad Mortensen said in the email announcing plans for Fall 2020.

The university’s prime concern is to ensure the well-being of students and faculty. Weber State has created a back up plan in case the state goes back to a high-risk level and forces a school closure before or during fall semester.