Do you know your news? 9/23

Kenlee East

1. What TV show did Netflix recently acquire streaming rights to?

a. Family Guy

b. The Office

c. Seinfeld

d. Friends


2. How many students skipped school to protest climate change in New York City?

a. 14 million

b.1.1 million

c. 3.7 million

d. 100,000

3. In what country were three babies born with a rare hand deformity recently?

a. United States of America

b. Japan

c. Afghanistan

d. Germany

4. What alcoholic beverage is in shortage this year?

a. White Claw

b. Budlight

c. Corona

d. Modelo

5. What issue will be a factor in 2020 voting, according to CBS news?

a. Gun safety

b. Climate change

c. Oil shortage


1. C. According to the LA times, Netflix has recently acquired the rights to stream ‘Seinfeld’ on Netflix. Companies signed a five-year agreement starting in 2021.

2. B. The New York Times said that 1.1 million students missed school due to the protest against climate change. The city will not penalize students for skipping for that reason.

3. D. As seen on CNN, the three babies were born in Germany with a very rare hand forming disorder. Multiple cases in different families leave midwives and doctors wondering if this could happen to more babies.

4. A. Another article on CNN Business said that America is having a White Claw shortage due to the overpowering demand for them across the country.

5. B. CBS News thinks climate change will be an issue in 2020 based on Decomcratic and independent voter polling.