Intramural leagues provide opportunities

Christian Johnson

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There are thousands of high school athletes around the world. However, not many of them go on to play sports at the next level. But that does not necessarily mean that they are ready to give up playing organized sports just yet.

Weber State University offers an array of division one sports programs ranging from football to women’s tennis. For students who do not possess skills to make the roster of an NCAA team, Weber also offers a variety of intramural sports.

While it could seem easy to go to a gym a find a game of pick-up basketball, there are usually no set rules or officials in place to make sure that everything is run smoothly. And anyone who has ever played a game of pick-up knows that an argument about the score or if someone’s foul call was valid is inevitable.

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Intramural sports give students the opportunity to compete in a organized structure that lets them only worry about playing and not about what the score is or if someone actually got fouled. There are trained referees and scorekeepers.

WSU offers many intramural leagues including flag football, dodgeball, soccer, and two different basketball leagues. Each league has referees that are CPR certified and well trained in the rules of each sport.

Each league is complex with careful tracking of team rosters, final scores and playoff seeding. Online standings are also available.

While these sports provide a way to stay in shape, they can also give opportunities to make connections with others.

“You can be a free agent and that’s a great way to meet people because you join a random team,” said Jordan Collinsworth, a supervisor and referee for the Weber Rec program.

The higher-ups in the intramural league are in charge of all sports, so there is no worrying about schedule overlap if someone chooses to play more than one sport. Also because the same database is used for all the sports, there is no need to pay multiple fees.

The cost to sign up is 15 dollars and secures a spot to play for any team for any sport that is being held during the semester.

The popularity of WSU’s intramural sport scene is on the rise as there are also professors who participate. However, there is no guarantee that professors won’t fail students if they beat them for a championship.