WSUSA muses over merits of meetings

Chris Nichols

10-5 WSUSA Meeting (Emily Crooks) (7 of 21).jpg
Hayley Tomney, Davis Campus Vice President, and Hailame Kinikini, Diversity & Unity Vice President, give and receive complements in a group exercise during the WSUSA meeting on Oct. 5. The student executives met to discuss the regularity of their meetings on Feb. 9. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

The Weber State University Student Association Executive Board met on Feb. 9 to discuss the efficiency of their current meeting schedule involving the other association members.

The discussion focused mainly around the purpose of why the WSUSA meets together on a weekly basis and if there is a way to improve that schedule.

With the current schedule, WSUSA members meet together twice a week to plan upcoming activities, establish goals and strengthen their relationships. However, some members felt that their meetings were often a misuse of time.

“There’s a difference between collaboration and camaraderie,” said Service Vice President Lola Moli. “Trying to find time to meet with our team and with WSUSA has been really hard.”

Moli’s team struggled developing a schedule because they formed mid-semester and then had to find time to attend meetings, collaborate on tasks and do service projects. She mentioned that there has been a dip in team morale because of the hectic schedule, which is compounded by the bi-weekly WSUSA meetings.

Board members approached the topic because a suggestion was made to move these meetings to a bi-weekly basis. They considered the dichotomy of event planning and friendship building that these meetings create.

Other members of the board felt that the time used to meet twice a week was a good tool to be able to strengthen their team.

“I really like our weekly meetings,” said Noor Mouhammad, programming vice president. “I get so much time to bond with my own team. I like it because I get to see everyone’s faces that I don’t normally get to see.”

The discussion continued as each member of the board took a turn to express his or her opinion on the merits of weekly WSUSA meetings. Each board member shared different opinions.

9-21 WSUSA Meeting (Emily Crooks) 2.jpg
Marc DeYoung, Clubs & Organizations Vice President, addresses the WSUSA group at the executive board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 21. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

“At those meetings, that’s where I got to know the members of the executive board,” said Clubs & Organizations Vice President Marc DeYoung. “For me, that was a huge benefit. I do feel that there is value in the camaraderie it builds, if you do it in the right way.”

After members had a chance to express their opinions on the subject, WSUSA President Greg Woodfield attempted to find common threads between the comments. He said that the main points that need focus are the meetings’ content and purpose of attendance.

Woodfield emphasized the importance of the WSUSA meetings and that it is still necessary to hold meetings even if they change how regularly meetings are held.

No final decision was made on the frequency of the meetings, but the executive board planned to discuss it in a future board meeting.