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The Signpost Code of Ethics

The Signpost believes the duty of an independent student newspaper is to act as a carrier of information and
a forum for discussion for the university community. We believe the duty of student journalists, as agents of
independent student newspapers and as American journalists, is to serve the truth. We believe those responsibilities
carry obligations requiring student journalists to perform with intelligence, objectivity, accuracy and
fairness. To these ends, we declare acceptance of the standards here set forth:


We serve Weber State University community’s right to know the truth concerning events of public importance and interest and is the unifying mission of The Signpost. Serving the general welfare of the university community continues to be The Signpost’s motivation for distributing accurate news.

Personal Interest:

The Signpost staffers must be removed from any conflict of interest that would hinder WSU students’ rights to accurate and fair reporting. All unavoidable conflicts of interest should be disclosed. Gifts, favors or special treatment can compromise the integrity of staffers. Nothing of value should be accepted in return for coverage, from a source or in exchange for favors. Involvement in student government and service in university organizations should be avoided if it compromises the integrity of staffers or editors.


The Signpost reporters and editors will respect privacy, rights and well-being of sources and those they encounter while gathering and presenting news.

  • The student newspaper should not communicate unofficial charges affecting the reputation or moral character without giving the accused a chance to reply.
  • The Signpost must guard against invading a person’s right to privacy and respect the confidentiality of their sources.
  • The Signpost staff and editors are accountable to their readers for their reporting, and The Signpost should allow for open dialogue between the readers and the paper.

Freedom of the Press:

Freedom of the press must be guarded as a right, both on the WSU campuses and across the country. In our university community, it carries freedom and responsibility to report, discuss, question and challenge actions and utterances of the student government, the administration and other public figures. Student journalists hold the right to speak unpopular opinions and the privilege to agree with the majority.

Accuracy & Objectivity

Good faith with the public is the foundation of all worthy journalism, as is good faith with the university community for worthy student journalism.

  • Truth and objectivity in reporting news is our ultimate goal. This serves as the mark of an experienced professional, and it is a standard of performance toward which we strive.
  • Staff and editors should work diligently to avoid inaccurate reporting and errors.
  • Headlines should be written based on the article and not be crude or tasteless for the sake of being eye-catching.
  • Graphic elements and photo illustrations should depict facts and events accurately, and photos should not be altered.
  • News analyses, opinions and reviews should be labeled and not mislead the reader.