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Transgender youth are being mistreated across the country

Windsor Moore, Contributor April 18, 2023

Since 2020, state legislatures across the United States have taken aim at transgender youth, passing law after law to limit gender-affirming resources and care necessary to their transition. In 2020,...

Dried and cracked salt flats formed from the dried up areas of the Great Salt Lake.

The drying times of The Great Salt Lake

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter November 3, 2022

The once “Great” Salt Lake is dying, the Utah Division of Wildlife Services revealed in a report. The report notes that the lake has lost 44% of its surface area since 1875. DWR also estimates water...

El Gran Lago Seco

Marianna Lopez Luritta, Translator November 3, 2022

El una vez llamdo "Gran" Lago Salado está muriendo, según ha revelado la División de Servicios de Vida Silvestre de Utah en un informe. El informe señala que el lago ha perdido el 44% de su superficie...

Photo credit: Monika Clarke

Apocalypse now

Nic Muranaka March 16, 2020

By now you’ve probably tried to buy toilet paper and been thwarted by apocalypse preppers, who, in their genius, already bought out all the toilet paper a week ago. As of March 14, six Utah residents...

Even when society  wont do anything, awareness to the problems of acceptance to sex work can help (Israel Campa / The Signpost)

The gray world of sex work

Francisco Ruiz October 11, 2019

Kay Walker, the Stop the Hate chair of the WSUSA Diversity and Unity Board, wants Weber students to understand the complexities of sex work. While conservative groups and sensibilities may advocate for...

Fortnite Gamers: Adolescents or addicts?

Fortnite Gamers: Adolescents or addicts?

Jake Mcmahon December 7, 2018

Since its initial launch in July last year, Fortnite has attracted over 125 million players across multiple platforms including Xbox, Playstation and, as recently as October, the mobile Android platform...

Researchers are currently studying possible relationships between mental disorders and physical diseases. (Source: Tribune News Service)

Science Weekly: Unprecedented links between mental and physical health observed

Kellie Plumhof November 30, 2016

According to the World Health Organization, roughly 350 million people around the world are affected by depression.While depression correlates to mental health, researchers have long looked at the links...

The Plague: Not just for the history books

August 26, 2014

When most people hear the word “plague,” they think back to the medieval epidemic that killed a third of Europe’s population, but was the plague really just an issue for the middle ages? As it...

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