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From right, Ivanka, Donald Jr.and Erik Trump listen as their father, Donald Trump, speaks at Turnberry hotel in South Ayrshire, home of the Trump Turnberry golf course, on June 24, 2016. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Abaca Press/TNS)

Do you know your news? Week of July 16

Nic Muranaka July 16, 2018

1. On July 13, three days before President Trump was set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, the U.S. Justice Department made an announcement involving the Russia investigation. What was it? a....

Rescuers search through the rubble of the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at SW 109th Avenue and 8th Street in Miami. (Roberto Koltun/El Nuevo Herald/TNS)

Do you know your news? March 22

Kara Mitchell March 21, 2018

1. A pedestrian bridge collapsed and killed six people at which university on March 15?a. Florida International Universityb. University of Floridac. Florida State University2. What medication shortage...

British Prime Minister Theresa May addresses a press conference at the end of the first day of the EU spring summit on March 9, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. (Ye Pingfan/Xinhua/Sipa USA/TNS)

Do you know your news: July 11

Ashton Corsetti July 10, 2017

1. World leaders gathered at this meeting in Hamburg, Germany last week:a) Group of Sevenb) Group of 12c) Group of 202. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes President Donald Trump took what stance...

The donkey and the elephant break the seesaw, the bear wins. (Illustration by Hector Casanova / Source: Tribune News Service)

Between asses and elephants, the bear wins

Ben Bigelow November 6, 2016

  There is a spectre haunting this year’s election. To borrow a phrase from Ronald Reagan, “There’s a bear in the woods.” Reagan’s metaphor pointed toward the threat of Communist...

Five Crazy Headlines: From cheese to computers

February 8, 2015

From a couple stealing over 50 blocks of cheese to computer science as a foreign language, here's this week's five crazy headlines. Couple allegedly steals 57 blocks of cheese from Walmart A Tennessee...

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