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The front of the International Student and Scholar Center. (Kennedy Camarena/ The Signpost)

Creating a home away from home

Windsor Moore, Reporter August 29, 2022

Being an international student has its own set of challenges. At Weber State University, there are great resources to help our international students. Weber State’s International Student and Scholar...

The mural of the Weber State Campus being lit up with neon lights. (BriElle Harker / The Signpost)

Neon Party sets a bright start to the new decade

Lissete Landaverde January 29, 2020

Student involvement does not always have to be about joining clubs or taking part in student government. It can be as simple as attending events on campus, such as the Neon Dance.The Neon Dance took place...

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On-campus employment: a humble beginning for big dreams

Aubrielle Degn January 11, 2020

As students across campus shuffle to and from classes, looking up to the bell tower and mountains, it can be very easy to overlook their fellow students who help make Weber State a better university and...

Tradition #41:
Touch Moench Statue for Luck Photo credit: Weber State Alumni Association

Keeping traditions alive and thriving

Alyson Johnson April 4, 2019

Weber State University’s Alumni Association designed a path for students to take part in some of the most famous and rich traditions that the university has to offer. Since being founded in 1889,...

On And Off-Campus Jobs

On And Off-Campus Jobs

Landin Griffith April 4, 2019

Weber State University provides countless opportunities and resources for students looking to apply for on- or off-campus jobs, both of which help students learn how to manage the taxing responsibilities...

Comparing costs of off-campus housing

Comparing costs of off-campus housing

Kainoa Nunez April 3, 2019

Moving away for college can be an exciting first step into adulthood for students, but at what price? University housing can be expensive, and the idea of living in dorms may not always be appealing to...

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Finding independence in college

Kierstynn King April 3, 2019

Every year, thousands of students graduate high school, move out and enroll in college. The transition from living at home with parents to living on their own comes with a whirlwind of changes that most...

Everyday struggles of the nontraditional student

Everyday struggles of the nontraditional student

Colton Heward March 10, 2019

Living the “American Dream” is a term that most of us have heard since we were young. We have been told that this dream of financial and social success is obtained through hard work and dedication.Graduate...

University Malaysia Student Education Graduation Photo credit: MaxPixel

International students overcome trials and tribulations

Danya Gil January 31, 2019

Maintaining the determination to finish a degree can be daunting to some students, but often they have the support of their family, friends and previous life mentors to help them prevail. Unfortunately,...

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Fighting stress and finding academic success

Alyson Johnson January 22, 2019

College students often find themselves overwhelmed juggling adult life and staying on top of their schoolwork. These high expectations can lead to increased stress levels, which ultimately affect their...

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Getting engaged as a commuter student

Kimberlee Brosius October 27, 2017

When Weber State commuter student James Moore thinks of a true college experience, he thinks of students getting involved with activities, clubs, dances or work on campus. To him, it’s taking the...

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Purple pride paid my tuition

Ben Bigelow April 3, 2017

  There are a lot of opportunities for Weber State University students to earn their degree with as little student debt as possible. I was fortunate enough to find this out early in my tenure,...

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