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Physics Professor Adam Johnston introducing John Armstrong, the director of the planetarium at WSUs Ogden campus.

The art of the matter

Terra Bell, Reporter February 9, 2023

John Armstrong, a professor of astronomy and physics and the director of Ott Planetarium, discussed the differences and similarities between learning physics and learning the arts in a physics seminar...

The three speakers of the seminar gathered to chat about space on Feb. 2. Photo credit: Adam Montgomery

Diving deeper into space

Adam Montgomery February 9, 2022

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Weber State University met on Feb. 2 to discuss the James Webb Space Telescope. Launched in December, the telescope is a $10 billion infrared telescope that allows...

Physics students gather to learn about the physics that got Apollo 11 to the Moon. (Pixabay)

Physics used around the moon

Garrett Lee January 29, 2020

Students and faculty gathered Wednesday afternoon on the first level of Tracy Hall to hear from former professor Weber State University Dr. Brad Collins. Collins was gave a lecture to students who were...

Tori Nybo preforming Define Me for the Dance Form. (Bella Torres / The Signpost).

Time and space take FORM in collaboration

Cameron Gifford November 17, 2018

Collaboration and choreography was the name of the game in Orchesis Dance Theatre’s fall 2018 production. The production, which ran from Nov. 15-17, was a major collaborative effort between the dance,...

Dr. Stacy Palen talks to an audience about the significance found within the movies use of astronomy. (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

Stars show the way among the waves in ‘Moana’

Jennifer Guzman September 14, 2018

It’s no lie that Walt Disney Animation Studios spent years trying to perfect their knowledge of Pacific culture for their 2016 motion picture “Moana,” but their exceeding attention to...

Three cigar-box guitars on display during the presentation. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

From cigars to guitars

Nic Sells February 23, 2018

An empty cigar box, some guitar string, a piece of oak and some hardware is all Ron Proctor needs to make a guitar that is as much art as instrument. Proctor, a Weber State University alumnus and production...

Using literature, construction and dancing to understand math and science

Using literature, construction and dancing to understand math and science

Chris Nichols January 25, 2018

When students think of science class, they may imagine lectures about igneous rocks, physics equations or mitochondria. Several new classes at Weber State University are looking to demolish that thinking. Within...

Extraordinary physics in an ordinary world

Chris Nichols October 31, 2017

What is a common denominator of a rocket propelled spacecraft, gas line explosion prevention and lighting a candle? They each depend on physics to make them work. Physics drive common practices that we...

Photo credit: Zachary Williams

Weber State professor makes astronomical impact

J. Michael Bailey September 8, 2017

Weber State Physics professor and astronomy enthusiast Dr. Stacy Palen has been busy lately with a TEDx appearance, a speech at Astrocon 2017 and a featured spot in a astronomy documentary. Dr....

A proton vs. Xicc++ Photo credit: Maddy Van Orman

It’s not rocket science; it’s particle physics

Leah Higginbotham July 17, 2017

At the rate technology advances every day, new scientific discoveries are forthcoming more often than any point in our worlds history. When there are new discoveries in the field of, say, particle physics,...

Lise Meitner dedicated her life studies to radioactivity and contributed to the discovery of nuclear fission. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Women in science, snubbed by history

Kellie Plumhof March 14, 2017

Women have made abundant contributions to science, but there is a serious lack of knowledge about these contributions and the women themselves.For example, when you peer up into the night sky, you may...

(Emily Crooks / The Signpost)

Science Weekly: Butterflies remove their spots

Kellie Plumhof June 27, 2016

As a kid, I loved to color butterflies for two reasons. First, they were simple to draw without much skill. Second, I could design their wings with endless variations of colors, spots and shapes.Now, researchers...

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