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Students study in Stewart Library for finals. (AJ Handley/The Signpost)

OPINIÓN: Mi experiencia con cursos en línea y en persona

Maria Jose Mantilla, Translator March 26, 2024

Seamos realistas por un momento: no importa en qué formato vayas a la universidad, siempre va a tener altibajos. Mi experiencia universitaria sin duda ha tenido un montón de cada uno y yo soy sólo una...


OPINION: My experience with online and in-person courses

Reagan Whiting, Reporter March 26, 2024

Let’s be real here for a minute: No matter what format you attend college in, it’s always going to have ups and downs. My college experience has certainly had plenty of each and I’m only a sophomore. My...

Many students experienced more stress during the fall 2021 semester. Photo credit: Weber State University

Opinion: The transition back has been harder than the initial pandemic

Caitlyn Nichols January 10, 2022

I don’t know about you, but last semester kind of sucked. I mean, I got through with some good grades still, but it was hard. We talked about this fairly often here at The Signpost, how none of us...

Dancing in the Stream presents new works by student choreographers

Dancing in the Stream presents new works by student choreographers

Kierstynn King January 11, 2021

On Dec. 12 and 19, Orchesis Dance Theatre presented the second part of their Dancing in the Stream performances online. All of the performances were filmed during the weekend of Nov. 12. "Her Abandoned...

WSU plans to continue the fall 2020 course delivery plan into spring 2021. Photo credit: WSU Arcives

Flexible course delivery methods to continue in spring

Caitlyn Nichols September 18, 2020

Weber State University announced its plan to continue the current flexible course delivery methods into spring 2021 on Sept. 17 The decision was made after reviewing feedback from surveys sent out to students...

The most essential school supply for all students in the year 2020: face masks. Photo credit: flickr

You thought college was hard? Try doing it during a pandemic!

Marisa Nelson August 22, 2020

The global pandemic caused high school seniors and college graduates to miss out on a formal graduation and the last hurrahs of senior year. Returning students, including myself, are worried about this...

Photo credit: Monika Clarke

An academic recession

Tori Waltz April 13, 2020

Last Friday carried on almost exactly the same as the week before, with one exception. In the midst of my daily quarantine routine — which consists of staring at Twitter, sleeping and eating in various...

Technology fails to substitute for customer service

July 13, 2015

Technology is fantastic. We can use our phones to hop online, phone a friend and send a text—often simultaneously. Our computers come equipped with programs to make our lives smoother. However, there's...

All data plans should be unlimited

July 6, 2015

Think of your typical day of cell phone use. Do you check Facebook? Send Snapchats? Play Candy Crush? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you're probably paying for data in your cell phone...

Cell phones hinder good study habits

June 28, 2015

Studying for tests is becoming increasingly difficult with the devices in our lives that can steal our concentration. There are people who believe that technology does more harm than good. They also believe...

Taking a break from technology

June 28, 2015

It's 7:15, and you've got to be out the door in less than two minutes to ensure you won't be late for work. You do a quick check for the essentials: keys, wallet and, last but not least, your cell phone....

Social media doesn't replace real interaction

June 22, 2015

Although social media has become a go-to option for most people to communicate with their friends, family and business associates, it should never be seen as a viable replacement for face-to-face interactions. Mobile...

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