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Bikes put aside until children get to play with them.

Hey there, daycare!

Lucas Moore, News editor August 29, 2022

For parents at Weber State University or any institution, finding a balance between school, work and children can be difficult. WSU offers hourly child care service for students and faculty that is run...

Love, sex, comedy and pursuing happiness

Tyler Hoffman September 22, 2015

Emily Fox is a single parent raising two kids, working full time and using comedy to inspire herself and others. She loves and empowers herself as a woman. She embraces the idea that it is OK to have...

If it's Saturday, it's science

July 9, 2015

On a hot summer Saturday, few things are cooler than a planetarium show. It plays to the sense of wonder we all share about the sky, space and what travels around out there—and it's air conditioned. Science...

Nontraditional student center on Davis campus

September 7, 2014

College isn’t just for fresh-out-of-high school students – nontraditional students comprise 58 percent of Weber State's student population, according to the Student Affairs Assessment office. The...

Top five weird things WSU students did as kids

June 21, 2014

During summer, we find ourselves sitting around telling stories with friends, and inevitably we get around to crazy stunts we pulled as kids. We share and compare the marks our childhood left, physical...

Computer science department hosts video game camp

June 19, 2014

Weber State University’s computer science department hosted its seventh annual video game camp. Young adults are invited to come to WSU’s Ogden campus to learn to design and create a functioning...

Viewpoint: Beehive State lengthens red tape for divorce

February 25, 2014

In 1994, Utah passed a law requiring divorcing couples to complete a class prior to making the divorce official. Now Republican Rep. Jim Nielson wants to take that law even further. If Nielson's law passes,...

Viewpoint: Children come first, even if Uintah doesn't say so

February 11, 2014

Kids are a sensitive subject for everyone. Whether for love or hate, desire or denial, interest or disinterest, society is anything but apathetic when it comes to children. This enthusiasm was recently...

Sci-Fi Heroine: 2013 holiday season's top tech toys for kids

November 23, 2013

Every year, parents attempt to get the best and coolest toys for their kids without breaking their budgets. Not every parent can afford to give their kid the new PS4 or Xbox One. So, for those parents...

Whimsical Wildcat: Six reasons I love Halloween

October 29, 2013

When I look back at my life and remember all the Halloween events I’ve witnessed, I remember why Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. Since I can’t pinpoint just one specific reason, I’ve...

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