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The welcome sign of Peterson, Utah, home of Wasatch Peaks Ranch.

Wasatch Peaks Ranch: Slopes just out of reach

Megan Swann, Contributor April 16, 2024

The 12,700 acres of pristine slopes on the east side of the Wasatch Mountains sit right in Morgan County’s backyard, but most residents will never get to see them, not unless they have $500,000 to spend...

Juvenile inmates in the Juvenile Intervention Program sitting together in a Juvenile Center.

Behavioral changes in Ogden schools

Kenna Gough, Contributor April 16, 2024

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, parents and educators are growing more and more concerned with the increasing behavioral problems in teens seen throughout Utah. Incident rates in Utah’s high...

One building on campus has a roof that is nearly covered with solar panels. Photo credit: Summer Muster

Shining a light on solar power

Simon Mortensen April 18, 2022

Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres has said the world needs to be carbon-neutral by 2050, and it's sources like rooftop solar that will play a part in reaching that goal, while...

The Colorado River’s Upper Basin Water Supply has decreased from 4.5 million acre-feet per year to below 2 million, and the deficit is 35% from where it was when the 20th century began, according to the Utah Rivers Council. Photo credit: Grace Haglund

Utah’s water: Decisions now, consequences later

Alec Cipollini April 18, 2022

The drought in Utah didn't give any favors in 2022, and it will continue to worsen if nothing is done to stop global warming and the handling of how water is distributed in the state, advocates and experts...

Peaceful protestors gather June 6, 2020, to stand together for the Black Lives Matter movement. Photo credit: Sarah Earnshaw

Inclusion can only be acquired through true improvement

Raymond Lucas April 21, 2021

In this country, each state has a reputation that may or may not be fair, but Utah is viewed as a seat of racism, and it’s up to the Beehive state to change that. On Feb. 5, Emily Anderson of the...

Students gather together for class amidst the pandemic protocols. Photo credit: Alex Jeppson

Teaching in a pandemic: the wrong choice either way

Tyler Haslam April 21, 2021

Educating during the pandemic has been difficult, to say the least.From district leaders to teachers to the students themselves, it has not been easy to obtain or deliver an ideal education as COVID-19...

Farmington Canyon trees show all of their colors in a fall sunset. The canyon is a popular spot to visit for locals who want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. (The Signpost/Sarah Earnshaw) Photo credit: Sarah Earnshaw

Mine of local legend sealed despite community pushback

Sarah Earnshaw April 21, 2021

Abandoned mines are being closed across all of Utah, despite the pushback from local communities.Utah is notorious for its outdoor entertainment, especially with the large mountain ranges surrounding the...

Being an athlete doesn’t mean making big bucks

Japheth Pleasant December 6, 2018

With NCAA revenue increasing yearly, student-athletes still struggle with everyday life. Although athletes receive scholarships each semester, the money goes to school and housing leaving athletes with...

Veil is one of the four ski resorts in Colorado that the company Vail owns. (Source: Tribune News Service)

Vail Monopoly: Who owns the snow?

Evan Brown April 19, 2017

Paying $300 seems reasonable for buying a season pass to a ski resort in the United States, but one company that owns several elite resorts in the country is selling their passes for up to $800.The winter...

Rising textbook costs: Is there any end in sight?

Rising textbook costs: Is there any end in sight?

Scott Stevens August 25, 2015

Students today are finding themselves in a tough situation that is largely out of their control. Either they fork out a substantial amount of money for textbooks, or try to mitigate those costs...

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