Athlete Spotlight: Taylor Kinikini

Gabe Cerritos

This is the first of a bi-weekly series highlighting Weber State University athletes. It’s called athlete spotlight, and will be an interview, this week it is Taylor Kinikini from the volleyball team, and some extra footage. These aren’t investigative pieces or anything, they are simply for entertainment and to learn more about the athlete.

We hope to provide you with a greater insight to who Weber State’s athletes really are and we hope that you’ll follow us on twitter so that next time we can do a live rapid fire Q&A at the end.

We are looking to something similar with regular wildcats around campus that are doing unique and amazing things. If you are one of those students or know someone who should be spotlighted, send us a message through social media. It can be anyone from a student doing something interesting to a professor who inspires you. We look forward to seeing your submissions!