VP of service says ask questions

The Signpost

kasey_callHey, my name is Kasey Call, and I am the vice-president of service here at Weber State University.  I am in charge of our service team here on campus. We partner with local non-profits to provide Weber State students with volunteer opportunities.  Our goal and purpose is to get students involved in the community by volunteering at the events we plan for our non-profit community partners and working to meet the needs of the populations they serve.

My advice to you as students at Weber State University is to get involved and ask LOTS of questions. When you get involved on campus, your life isn’t just filled with school, homework, and work—you become a part of something bigger, something that makes a difference here on campus. Whether you join a club, attend a dance or join the service team (hint, hint), you will have a blast and meet a lot of amazing people. The people you meet and the connections you make will help you so much in your collegiate life. Once you’ve made those connections, ask for advice, so you can be successful here at Weber State.

Go Wildcats!