Awe inspiring women to receive Women of Weber awards

The Women’s Center gives out Women of Weber awards to women across campus who “inspire others by her actions, but (go) unnoticed,” according to Weber’s website. An award is given in each category to a member of the faculty, staff, and a student.

Nominations for the awards started in January. The Women’s Center usually sets up a table to encourage men and women to nominate women in their lives that they feel exemplified one of the categories listed.

According to Jessica Keomalu, campaign organizer for the Women’s Center, the application process shifted to an online format this year.

“It worked pretty well this year. We had some early glitches, but for the most part, we had lots of students nominate online,” she said. The nomination process only lasts one week.

There are seven categories that women can win an award for.

A Woman of Weber is one who provides selfless service on campus or in the community to make the lives of others more meaningful.

The Woman of the World award goes to a woman who shares her life and her culture in a way that brings awareness to others about the beauty of our world.

A Woman of Wellness is physically fit and works towards helping those around her to value the importance of health and wellness.

A woman who demonstrates compassion, sincerity, empathy and caring for others in a way that empowers and supports the dreams of other individuals is a Woman of Warmth.

Similarly, a Woman of Wonder has or is working to overcome challenges and does so in a way that inspires and uplifts those around her.

A Woman of Wisdom not only works hard and strives for intellectual pursuits, but uses her knowledge to help others achieve their greatest ambitions.

Lastly, a Woman of Wit is funny, compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. She knows how to bring joy to every situation.

After all nominations are received, they are processed, and a selection committee is put together. According to Keomalu this can be difficult because the committee has to include three students, three staff members and three faculty members.

“We do this so we can get a wide variety,” she said. The Women’s Center likes for this committee to include past WOW recipients to help evaluate the new nominees.

Taking the time to go through all of the nominations takes a long time, Keomalu said. “After the process, we call the winners as well as the nominators to tell them that they won.”

The WOW awards are a great opportunity for students to nominate women that they feel go above and beyond for a variety of things, Keomalu explained.

“Also, nominating someone who has empowered you is the key to the WOW awards,” she added, saying that nominating a woman that has helped someone also helps the person being nominated. “You’re making those connections and strengthening that relationship.”

March 26 is the day the awards ceremony will actually take place. A luncheon will be held for the award recipients, the nominators and other guests. The luncheon will feature posters showing all the categories.

The WOW awards let students recognize someone who has impacted their life in a good way. The Women’s Center encourages students to give thanks to important women in their life.

It doesn’t always have to be through something like the WOW awards either, according to the Center. Just telling someone they’ve made a positive impact in your life uplifts both people.